Controlling Your Tongue Essay For students

Have you ever said something and then wished you could take it back? Our tongue can get us into trouble if we don’t control what comes out of our mouth. Learning to think before speaking is an important life skill. In this essay, I will discuss why controlling your tongue is important and how we can do it.

Short Essay On Controlling Your Tongue

Why is Controlling Your Tongue Important?

Our words have power and can positively or negatively impact others. Speaking without thinking can hurt feelings or start fights between friends. Once something is said, we can’t take it back even if we don’t mean it. Some things are better left unsaid to keep peace.

It’s also important because words spoken in anger may not be true and can damage relationships. People may remember what we say but not why we said it. Controlling our tongue shows we are mature and care about how our words make others feel. It helps build trust that we won’t say mean things without reason.

How to Control Your Tongue

The first step is learning to pause before replying. Counting to five in our head gives us time for our brain to think instead of just reacting. We should ask ourselves – is what I want to say helpful, harmless, and honest? If not, then it’s better to stay quiet.

We can also catch ourselves when starting to say something negative and change the topic politely like “Anyway, how was your day today?”. Walking away for a while to calm down can help avoid an argument.

Complimenting others is a nice way to use our tongue instead of criticism. If upset, writing feelings down privately is better than talking about them aimlessly. Our elders are good at keeping calm, so we can learn from their example of controlling emotions.

Using Kind Words

Speaking kindly even if we disagree keeps conflicts small and resolvable. Apologizing when wrong shows bigheartedness. Compromising and trying to understand other perspectives leads to positive solutions.

Ironically sometimes saying less achieves more. A smile can bridge gaps better than over-explaining. Our important relationships need care, so controlling the tongue becomes a way to nurture harmony and build trust.


In summary, controlling our tongue is a valuable life skill to maintain peace within ourselves and around us. With practice, we can learn to thoughtfully choose to help our words instead of instant reactions. A little restraint benefits everyone.

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