My Perfect Morning Essay

A perfect morning is a cherished treasure, a precious time that is all my own. It’s the dawn of a new day, a clean slate for me to paint my aspirations on. It sets the tone for the rest of my day, and its quality can influence my mood, my productivity, and my overall wellbeing. In this essay, I will share the elements of my perfect morning, the routine that makes me feel more motivated, focused, and prepared for whatever the day may bring.

Essay On My Perfect Morning | An Insightful Exploration of an Ideal Start to the Day

Waking Up Early

The first element of my perfect morning is rising early. As the famous Nigerian proverb says, “The early bird catches the worm.” Waking up before the sun rises gives me a head start on the day, allowing me to take advantage of the quiet hours before the world is awake. It’s during these tranquil moments that I can reflect in solitude, without any interruptions or distractions, setting my intentions for the day.

Essay On My Perfect Morning

Morning Mindfulness

The second element of my perfect morning involves practicing mindfulness. I dedicate a few moments to meditation or yoga, focusing on my breath, steadying my thoughts, and grounding myself in the present moment. This practice prepares my mind for the day, reducing stress and anxiety, and allowing me to approach the day with a calm and focused mind.

Nourishing Breakfast

The third element of my perfect morning is having a nourishing breakfast. This is a time not just to fuel my body with healthy foods, like a bowl of Acha (a traditional Nigerian grain) or a plate of scrambled eggs, but also a moment to nourish my soul. As I sip on my homemade Zobo (a Nigerian hibiscus tea) or a cup of coffee, I relish in the quietness of the morning and mentally prepare for the day’s tasks.

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Morning Creativity

The fourth element involves engaging in a creative activity. Whether it’s journaling my thoughts, sketching a quick doodle, or playing a piece on my keyboard, this creative time sparks my imagination and gets my mental gears turning. It’s a form of expression that helps me start my day on an inspired and motivated note.


The final element of my perfect morning is exercise. Whether it’s a brisk walk around my neighborhood or a quick home workout, I find that physical activity in the morning helps to shake off any lingering sleepiness and gets my blood flowing, leaving me feeling energized and ready to tackle the day.


In conclusion, my perfect morning comprises of rising early, practicing mindfulness, having a nourishing breakfast, engaging in a creative activity, and exercising. It is my recipe for starting the day on a positive note, feeling more productive, energized, and focused. By incorporating these elements into my daily routine, I ensure that each morning is not just another start to another day but a stepping stone towards personal growth and fulfillment.

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