Parent Should Not Choose The Career For The Child Argumentative Essay

Parents sometimes want to choose the job their child will do when they grow up. But some people think it’s better for kids to decide on their own careers. This essay will talk about why parents should not choose the job for their children. Kids should have the freedom to pick the job they like and feel excited about.

How To Write An Argumentative Essay On Topic “Parent Should Not Choose The Career For The Child”

Step 1: Gather Ideas About Topic

Here are some ideas I want to talk about:

1. Child’s Passion and Interest:

  • Kids know what they love.
  • They can do better in a job they like.

2. Unique Strengths and Talents:

  • Every child is special.
  • They have different skills that parents might not know about.

3. Happiness and Motivation:

  • A job they love makes kids happy.
  • They work hard when they are excited.

4. Building Independence:

  • Choosing a job makes kids more responsible.
  • They learn to make decisions.

5. Changing World and Opportunities:

  • Jobs change over time.
  • Kids can find new and exciting jobs.

Why Parents Should Not Choose The Career For The Child Essay

Step 2: Write Essay Outline

Here’s how I’m going to write my essay:

1. Introduction

  • Introduce the topic: Parents choosing careers for kids.
  • State my opinion: Kids should decide their own careers.

2. Child’s Passion and Interest

  • Explain how kids know what they like.
  • Tell how they do better in a job they enjoy.

3. Unique Strengths and Talents

  • Explain that every child is special.
  • Show that kids have skills parents might not know.

4. Happiness and Motivation

  • Talk about how a job they love makes kids happy.
  • Explain that they work hard when they are excited.

5. Building Independence

  • Show that choosing a job makes kids responsible.
  • Explain that they learn to make decisions.
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6. Changing World and Opportunities

  • Talk about how jobs change.
  • Explain that kids can find new and exciting jobs.

7. Conclusion

  • Summarize the points.
  • Restate my opinion: Kids should choose their own careers.

Essay Writing About Why Parents Should Not Choose The Career For The Child


Parents often want to decide what job their child will do in the future. But it might be better if kids pick their own career. This essay will explain why parents should let children decide their careers. Kids should have the chance to choose jobs they love and feel excited about.

Child’s Passion and Interest

Kids know what they like. When they choose a job they love, they do better. For example, if a child loves drawing, they might become an artist. If they enjoy taking care of animals, they could be a veterinarian. When kids are excited about their jobs, they do great things.

Unique Strengths and Talents

Every child is special and unique. They have different talents and skills. Parents might not know everything their child is good at. Kids might have hidden talents that can help them succeed in a job. For instance, a child who is great at solving puzzles might become a scientist or engineer.

Happiness and Motivation

Choosing a job they love makes kids happy. When kids are happy, they work hard and do their best. If a child dreams of being a chef and they get to cook, they will be motivated to learn and improve their cooking skills. Enjoying their work keeps them excited and focused.

Building Independence

Deciding on a job helps kids become responsible. When they choose, they learn to make decisions. They start thinking about their future and what they want to achieve. This helps them grow and be independent. They learn from their choices and become better at making decisions.

Changing World and Opportunities

Jobs change as the world changes. New jobs appear that we can’t even imagine now. If parents choose a job for their child based on today’s world, it might not be the best choice in the future. Kids should have the freedom to explore new opportunities and find jobs that match the changing times.


In conclusion, parents should not choose careers for their children. Kids know what they love, and they have unique talents. When they choose their jobs, they are happy, motivated, and independent. They also have a chance to explore new and exciting opportunities. Letting kids decide their careers helps them grow into successful and fulfilled adults.

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