Poem on Autumn Season With Explained Verses

This poem on autumn season is a tribute to the beauty, peace, and introspection of this time of year. Through its vivid descriptions and inspiring words, it transports readers to the heart of autumn and its many wonders.

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Verse 1:

The leaves fall gently, and the air grows cool,
As autumn comes in, like a whisper so serene.
The colors of nature, a canvas so grand,
A symphony of hues, playing at hand.


The first stanza describes the arrival of autumn, characterized by the gentle fall of leaves and a cooling breeze. The speaker highlights the beauty of nature during this season, with its rich colors and serene atmosphere.

a short poem on autumn season

Verse 2:

The skies are afire, with hues of gold and red,
And the earth below, is painted in shades of brown and green.
A time for reflection, for letting go,
And for embracing the peace, that autumn bestows.


The second stanza portrays the stunning colors of the autumn sky, with its fiery hues of gold and red. The speaker also highlights the introspective nature of this season, where one is able to let go and find peace within themselves.

Verse 3:

The crisp air whispers, a lullaby so sweet,
And the rustling of leaves, creates a rhythm so neat.
A time to be thankful, for all that we have,
And to cherish the memories, that autumn’s made.


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The third stanza focuses on the unique sounds of autumn, with its crisp whispers and the rustling of leaves. The speaker encourages readers to be thankful for what they have and cherish the memories that this season creates.

FAQs: On Autumn Season Poem

What is the main theme of the poem on autumn season?

The main theme of the poem is the beauty and serenity of autumn, and the introspective nature of this season.

How does the poem describe the autumn season?

The poem describes autumn as a time of stunning colors, crisp whispers, and introspection. The speaker emphasizes the beauty of nature during this season and the peace it brings.

What is the purpose of the poem on autumn season?

The purpose of the poem is to celebrate the beauty of autumn and its unique qualities, and to inspire readers to appreciate this season and all its wonders. Through its vivid descriptions and introspective themes, it invites readers to pause and reflect on the beauty of the autumn season.