Writing an Effective Sick Email to Your Boss | Guide & Examples

If you find yourself under the weather and unable to fulfill your duties at work, sending a sick email to your boss is a professional way to communicate your situation. It’s important to be concise, clear, and respectful in your correspondence. This post guides you on how to craft an effective sick email to your boss, ensuring you maintain professional norms and keep communication channels open even while you’re unable to work.

How to Write a Sick Email to Your Boss

When writing a sick email to your boss, the key is clear communication about your situation, the expected duration of your absence, and how your responsibilities will be handled during this period. Here are five different examples that cover various scenarios:

Leave Due To illness

“Dear [Boss’s Name], I woke up feeling unwell this morning with [describe symptoms briefly]. I believe it’s best if I take the day off to recover. I’ve shared my tasks with [Coworker’s Name] to ensure my responsibilities are covered. Thank you for your understanding.

Long-term Leave Due to illness:

Dear [Boss’s Name], I have been diagnosed with [illness] and will need to take [Number of Days/Weeks] off for treatment and recovery. During my absence, [Coworker’s Name] has agreed to cover my duties. I will provide updates on my progress and return date.”

Hospitalization required

Dear [Boss’s Name], I am writing to let you know that I need to be hospitalized for [medical reason]. I anticipate being absent for [Number of Days/Weeks]. [Coworker’s Name] will be covering my tasks in the interim.

Surgery and Recovery

Dear [Boss’s Name], I will be undergoing a surgery on [Date] and will require [Number of Weeks/Months] for recovery. During this period, [Coworker’s Name] will be handling my duties.

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Seeking Medical Attention

Dear [Boss’s Name], I am feeling rather unwell and think it best to seek immediate medical attention. I will inform you as soon as I have more information. In the meantime, [Coworker’s Name] will cover for me.

FAQS on Writing a Sick Email to Your Boss

1. Should I include specific details about my illness in my sick email to my boss?

While you should inform your boss about your illness, it’s not necessary to go into specific details unless you are comfortable doing so. The main goal is to communicate your absence and how your responsibilities will be handled.

2. Can I send a sick email the night before?

Yes, if you’re feeling unwell the evening before, it’s appropriate to send a sick email ahead of time. This gives your boss and team more time to adjust their plans.

3. What if my sickness extends beyond my estimated recovery time?

If your recovery takes longer than anticipated, inform your boss as soon as possible. Provide an updated estimate of your return and ensure your responsibilities continue to be covered.


Knowing how to write a sick email to your boss is a crucial skill for every professional. With the help of this guide, you can now navigate this responsibility with ease and professionalism. Remember, the goal is to maintain clear and respectful communication with your boss while you focus on your recovery.

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