How To Inform Your Manager about Sick Leave through WhatsApp

In the modern digital era, communication platforms like WhatsApp have revolutionized the way we share information. They have particularly simplified how employees communicate their sick leave to managers. While the concept of conveying sick leave through WhatsApp may seem straightforward, it’s crucial to remember the importance of professional etiquette even in such informal settings. This blog post explores the most effective ways to inform your manager about your sick leave via WhatsApp.

How to Write a Convincing Sick Leave Message to Your Manager on WhatsApp

While drafting your sick leave message on WhatsApp, prioritize maintaining a professional tone, being concise, and providing necessary details regarding your absence. Below are five examples demonstrating the effective use of such principles:

Example 1:

“Dear [Manager’s Name], I am unwell and will not be able to report to work today. I will ensure any pending tasks are taken care of as soon as I recover. Thank you for your understanding.”

Example 2:

“Hello [Manager’s Name], I regret to inform you that I am feeling under the weather and will need to take a sick leave today. I will make arrangements to keep my work up-to-date. Thank you for your support.”

Example 3:

“Good morning/afternoon [Manager’s Name], unfortunately, I woke up feeling unwell and won’t make it to work today. I’ll make sure to cover any missed assignments promptly once I’m better. Thank you.”

Example 4:

“Hi [Manager’s Name], I am currently unwell and require a sick leave. I will arrange for my tasks to be handled during my absence. I appreciate your understanding.”

Example 5:

“Respected [Manager’s Name], I’m feeling sick today and will not be able to attend work. I will take care of any missed work as soon as I recover. Thank you for your cooperation.”

FAQs on Informing Your Manager about Sick Leave on WhatsApp

Q1: What details should I include in my WhatsApp sick leave message to my manager?

Your message should include your current health condition, the likely duration of your absence, and your plan to manage the work during your absence.

Q2: Should I share specific medical details in my WhatsApp sick leave message?

While it’s necessary to mention that you’re sick, revealing specifics isn’t required unless the illness significantly impacts your work for a prolonged period.

Q3: What if my illness lasts longer than expected?

If your illness extends beyond the stated period, it’s important to keep your manager updated with a follow-up message, stating the situation and your plan to manage the work.


Understanding how to convey your sick leave to your manager on WhatsApp is an essential skill in today’s digitalized work environment. It not only ensures seamless communication but also demonstrates your commitment to professional etiquette and responsibility. Remember to keep your message clear, concise, and professional, and make sure to inform your manager about your plans to manage your work during your absence.

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