Application For Transfer Certificate ( TC ) For School & College

An Application for TC [Transfer Certificate] is usually required for students to submit to the principal when they need to leave or change schools for any reason, or after completing their education grades (5th, 8th, and also 10th and 12th).

Here in this article, students will find great information about the TC certificate and step-by-step information about writing an excellent transfer certificate application to the principal for the TC certificate.

A TC Apply can be written in any language such as English, Urdu, or Hindi Furthermore I have provided Information in this post about how to compose a TC letter in Gujarati, Malayalam, Marathi, etc,

An Application for Transfer Certificate is written by parents or students to the principal of a school or college with a request to issue the transfer certificate.

A transfer certificate (TC) is a certificate that is issued to students by a school, college, or university for the purpose of getting admission to another school or institute.

The chief reason for a transfer certificate is to release the student from their current school or college to another institute to continue their education. The transfer certificate is often required for admission after 5,6,8,10,12, or after graduation.

1. Why TC ( Transfer Certificate ) Is Important For Students?

The transfer certificate is quite important for students. It enables a student to continue their education. Students who wish to change their school, college, university, or board are required to submit a transfer certificate letter from their previous institute.

It is an essential admission document. Students cannot continue their education at the next school unless they have a transfer certificate letter.

2. Which Reasons Does A Student Requires a School Transfer Certificate?

There are various reasons why students require a transfer certificate. In many cases, TC is required by students when their parents (father and mother) are transferred to another city. They need a transfer certificate for their children because of their migration to another place.

In other cases, TC is required after completion of education at one school and before getting admission to another school. However, in most cases, the TC is required after the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, or 10th class. And, at the college level, after completing FSC, 12th, a transfer certificate is required from the college principal.

The TC application letter is, therefore, written either by students or parents to their local schools. The recommended practice is to write a letter for a transfer application in English, Hindi, or Urdu. However, the letter requesting TC can also be written in languages such as Bengali, Gujarati, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, or Telugu.

For every language, official, national, or local, the format of the TC application remains the same. No need to worry at all. We have tried to write transfer certificate application samples in English, Hindi, or Urdu in a simple and easy format. You can view it, understand it, read or download PDFs online, or even share it with your friends.

When a student leaves a school to get admission to another school, for any reason, you need to produce a transfer certificate letter.

In other words, it is also called a school leaving certificate. This letter certifies your level of education and its status of continuance or completion.

Since your words represent your personality and level of education, always take special care while writing a TC application.

The careless or too common use of words creates a bad impression. Always come up with your own words with genuine reason in simple, easy, attractive, and graceful words.

3. Two Most Common Reasons Applying for TC Certificate From School

Before moving further on how to write a good TC application, Let’s understand the common reason why we need a TC application. The transfer certificate application is requested for the following reasons:

1. Request for Transfer Certificate Application Due to Completion of Education at One School or Institute and to Getting Admission at Another This is the most common reason under which you need a transfer certificate to get admission to another school or institute to continue your education.

Most often, after passing classes 5,6,7,8,9, or 10 at one school, the students need a school leaving certificate to get admission at another college or institute.

At the college level, after completing the 12th or FSC, students need a school leaving certificate to get admission to the university. Therefore, a transfer certificate letter is required by students after completing metric, FSC, or graduation.

2. Secondly, school leaving is required in conditions when one family is migrating from one place to another for various reasons, including job, business, etc. Many students require a transfer certificate because of the job transfer of their parents from one city to another.

How To Write A Professional TC Application To Principal In 6 Steps

While writing an application for a transfer certificate you need to keep in mind the following things.

1. Selection of words is very important.

Use formal words showing respect and obedience. Never use informal words so as to give an unpleasant impression. Here below we have given a list of words to avoid while writing TC application.

2. Follow the specific and recommended application format.

Transfer certificate application is not a casual piece of writing. You need to keep in mind the specific format while writing an application for a transfer certificate.

3. Be straightforward and come with a genuine reason.

Don’t try to hide anything. Since school leaving certificate is your right. Therefore, state clearly the reason for your leaving this school.

Don’t feel ashamed while writing for leaving this school for getting admission into another school. Since, all schools are for you. You have to total right to get admission into the school of your choice.

4. Request humbly and kindly.

The school is the like the mother of students. It nourishes you and inculcates wisdom, knowledge and awareness among you.

You are leaving not only the school but the good old friends class fellows as well. Request for you school leaving certificate with the words that show respect, love, and kindness.

5. Getting admission into another school may require more than one certificate alone.

Keep count of the certificates or additional documents that you might require from the school you are leaving. It may also include your character certificate from your school where you have studied previously.

6. Avoid non formal words

Few examples of formal and informal words in communication:

Dear Sir Respected Sir, Honorable Sir
Give Provide, I need from you, I request from You
Asking for Requesting for
Give me TC Kindly Issue my TC
Let me Allow me/Permit me
Tell me Inform me

Seven Basic Guidelines For Writing An Application For TC After 10th & 12th

How to write a TC application

1. Firstly, Address the Principal, HM or to whom you are writing.

2. Say kind words of Salutation with due respect.

3. Mention the Subject of your application as “Request for the issuance of Transfer Certificate (TC).

4. Start the first Paragraph with respectful words, briefly introduce yourself as per school, mention details like class etc.

5. In the second Paragraph write few details about the reason of requesting transfer application.

6. In the final words of second Paragraph request again as per you purpose.

7. Lastly, conclude your letter with a note of thanks and kind anticipation.

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5+ Best Selected Sample Application For TC (Transfer Certificate) Format Letter

The application for requesting transfer certificate to your Head Master, the Principal of School or college or the Head/Dean of University, needs to be written under some recommended format. You need to be careful in your choice of words and selection of application format for TC.

The best application for TC contains the careful choice of words with compliance to the recommended application format.

Below are some best selected example for getting tc from school college and university.

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1. Sample Application For TC For College Students

You might be seeing for the sample Tc application in English for college principal.

The Principal
JL Nehru Institute of Engineering & Science,
Date:10th April, 2020

Subject: Request for the Issuance of Transfer Certificate

Honorable Sir/Madam,
With due respect, I am to state in your kind honor that I, Mr.Rakesh Kumar, have been the student of this prestigious Institute. I have completed my FSC (12th) this year in March 2020 and have settled all dues with nothing remaining to my account from the college.

My humbly request in your kind to kindly issue my Transfer certificate so that I may continue my dream of carrying education ahead.

I shall be extremely thankful to you for this act of kindness.

Thanking in anticipation,
Sincerely Yours!
Rakesh Kumar
Seat Number/Roll Number: 017

2. Request Application For TC From School By Parents For Changing School Sample


The Principal
JL Nehru School of Modern Sciences
Date: 21st April, 2020

Subject: Application with the request for Transfer Certificate

Respected Sir,

With great respect and due honor, I request in your kind honor that my son, Mr. Kishwar successfully completed his Matriculation with your prestigious institution.

It is an honor for us being his parents. Now, For continuing education ahead he, therefore, needs the School Leaving Certificate from your institute.

With humble request and gratitude I request you to kindly issue Transfer certificate in respect to my son, Mr. Kishwar. I have enclosed herewith no dues certificate and other necessary documents, for further reference.

Thanking in anticipation

Mr. Parkash
Father/Guardian of Mr. Kishwar
New horizon Street, Model Colony,

3. Sample Request Letter For Transfer Certificate From School

TC application by parents

The Principal
ABC School UAE
Date: 22/02/2020

Subject: application for the issuance of School Leaving Certificate

Respected Sir,

With profound respect and honor, I request in your kind honor that I, Mr. Talha Asad, has been the student of your school. I have successfully completed my education till matriculation under your respected institute and I have no dues against my account in school.

My request in your esteemed honor to issue me my transfer certificate so that I may get admission and continue my education ahead.

I shall be thankful to you for this act of kindness.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Talha Asad
Roll No:40,
ABC School UAE

Sample transfer certificate application letter

4. Application For TC (Transfer Certificate) From School Due To Shifting

Application for transfer certificate from school due shifting home sample is given below.

The Principal
New city English School,
Data: 25th April, 2020

Subject: Application with the request to issue transfer certificate

Respected Sir,

With due respect and reverence, I am to submit in your kind honor that I, Mr Sanjay Kumar, have studied with your prestigious institute under class 6th. I feel myself honored lucky to have been taught by the best teachers on earth. My father is a Govt Employee. Due to his transfer to another city, I need to shift with my family.

I therefore request in your kind honor to issue transfer certificate so that I may continue my education ahead.

I would be obliged to you for this act of love and kindness.

Yours obediently,
Class 6th
Roll Number: 14

New City English School, Kolkatta.

TC ki application in hindi

5. Sample TC Application For University Candidate

Application for TC for university student.

The Dean/Head of Department
Jahawahr Lal Nehru University
Date: 31st April, 2020

Subject: Application requesting for the issuance of Transfer Certificate in respect of undersigned

Honorable Sir,

With profound respect and reverence, I am to state in your kind honor that I have studied at your reputable institute. It’s an honor for me for having completed my graduation from one of the reputable institutes under your command. I have settled all my dues against my account with the university. Furthermore, I have returned all the books of the Library.

I, therefore, request in your esteemed honor to entertain my request and kindly issue transfer certificate so that I may keep up my journey ahead. I shall be extremely thankful to you

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Rakesh Kumar
Department of Literature & Linguistics
Jahawar Lala Nehru University
Academic Year 2020-2021.

TC letter for college

6. Sample Application For School Leaving Certificate

A school leaving application is a request letter from the student or his parent to the head of school. In this type of letter, students apologize for the school transfer certificate. There may be various reasons in a student’s life for school leaving such as financial problems, because of shifting house. Any student would have to write an application to the principal for school leaving.

The Principal
School Address,
Data: 27th April, 2020

Subject: Application for leaving certificate.

Respected Sir,

With due respect, I need to request in your high rank that, I am a student of class (your standards). I have been studying in the school since (class five) and always I maintained better progress in every class. I have to leave this great school due to some financial and domestic reasons.

Therefore, my humble request in your kind is, to issue me a school leaving certificate.

I shall be grateful to you and also be thankful of all the qualified teachers of school.

Obediently Yours!

Annand Lal

Class 10th

Roll No 09

FAQ On TC Letter

Q: 01. What is TC in school?

Answer: TC stands for Transfer Certificate. It is issued by the school to the students when they have completed their education with that school and wish to move to another school or college for further study. The transfer certificate is a letter that certifies the level of education completed by a certain student in one school. Normally, it is requested by students after completing their primary, secondary or college education at one school or college.

Q: 02. How can I write TC application?

Answer: Writing the transfer certificate application is simple and easy by following some rules. The normal rules for writing an effective TC application

1. Addressing the Principal or Head of the department with Kind and Formal words.
2. Write out your subject of application clearly.
3. Briefly introduce yourself in the first paragraph.
4. Write clearly the reason for your request of TC
5. Close the application with positive note and sincere wishes.

Q: 03. How can I get duplicate TC from college?

Answer: In case you have lost your original TC, you can request a duplicate by writing an application to your Principal. But before, writing application make sure you have followed the due course, ie lodging an FIR or Police report for your loss of original TC. After that, write to your Principal. State clearly your reason for requesting duplicate TC. Don’t forget to enclose the FIR or Police report Copy along with your application for requesting another TC.

Q: 04. Is transfer certificate and migration certificate same?

Answer: There is little difference between a transfer certificate and migration certificate. The transfer certificate is issued by a school or college when

one student completes his education at one school and wishes to get admission into another school. The migration certificate, on the other hand, is required when one student changes his board or university.

Therefore, if you are shifting from one school to another under the same board you need a transfer certificate but if you go and get admission into the school or college or another board, you need a migration certificate.

Q: 05. Can I take admission without TC?

Answer: You can’t take admission without TC. However, in some conditions, you might be allowed to get admission and submit the TC later.

For that, you need to write an application to the Principal for allowing you to get admission with the condition that you would submit your Transfer certificate afterwards.

Q: 06. Is migration certificate compulsory?

Answer: Both, the migration certificate and TC are important documents. You can’t get admission without them. Since they certify your level of education at some school, you need them to get admission further.

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