What Part of Speech is Everything [ Pronoun ]

Everything is the word that has multiple usages being a part of speech. Here are few examples that show what part of speech is word everything.

What Part of Speech is Everything

Indefinite Pronoun

Everything is an indefinite pronoun and it refers to a wide range of objects or people in general. It can also be used adverbially, to refer to a broad scope or context. An example of this would be when saying “I want everything”, which means that you want all the things that are available.

Examples :

  • I want everything.
  • She knows everything.
  • Everything is possible.


Everything can also be used as a determiner, to refer to the entirety of something. It is often used in combination with other words for clarity and emphasis. An example of this would be when saying “all the everything”, which means all of the things in totality.

Examples :

  • She bought all the everything.
  • I saw everything there was to see.
  • Everything has its own purpose.


Everything can also be used as an adjective, to describe something that is complete or all encompassing. An example of this would be when saying “everything in one package”, which means that everything you need is included in one purchase.

Examples :

  • Everything in one package.
  • She wanted everything to be perfect.
  • Everything was as expected.


In conclusion, the word “everything” can be used in a variety of ways as an indefinite pronoun, determiner, and adjective. It is often used to refer to something that is all encompassing or complete. Understanding when and how to use this versatile word can help you express yourself more clearly and accurately.


1. What figure of speech is everything?

Everything is an indefinite pronoun.

2. What part of sentence is everything?

Everything can be used as a pronoun, determiner or adjective, depending on its context in the sentence.

3. What type of word is all?

All is a determiner.

4. Is the word everything a subject?

No, everything is not usually used as a subject. It can be used as an indefinite pronoun or an adjective, but it is not typically used as a subject.

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