How To Write An Application For Residence Certificate

Here you can find various sample applications for residence certificates and guidelines for getting online certificates of residence.

What is a residence certificate and its uses?

A residential certificate is a kind of document that lets you prove the place or address where you live. It’s also helpful to prove your residential place aboard.

If you are required to get a residential certificate, you may be asked to write a request letter for a residence certificate. This letter is usually addressed to the city municipal officer, the sub-divisional offer, or the Panchayat. So, if you have a bit of a problem or confusion about how to write a request letter for the issuance of a residence proof certificate, follow the following specific format.

dir="ltr">Residence Certificate Application Letter Writing Guide & Format

The residential certificate is an important document. It is used for different purposes, like getting admission or applying for a job. The aim of preparing these documents is to prove individual residency.

Following are a few formats for applying for the certificate.

Request application for residential certificate from municipality

1. How To Write An Application For a Residential Certificate to The Municipality Office?

A city municipal is a place where a citizen can get a residence and a birth certificate. Below is a sample application letter for a municipal officer for a residence certificate.


[current Address],
[Contact information].


The Municipal Officer
[Office Address],
[__ 10/2021].

Subject: Request Application for issuance of the residential certificate.

Respected sir,

I am Mr. (your name). My father’s name is (your father’s name). We have been living in (city or village name) for (years). My father’s identity card copy is attached.

I respectfully request that the esteemed firm issue me a residence certificate because it is required for (educational/property/purposes or written nature of requirements).

Thanking you,

Your Name
Compete Address

2. How To Write a Residence certificate request letter from Panchayat?

A residential proof certificate is also valid to cast a vote if you are 18 and don’t have a national identity card yet. A below-written sample letter is useful to get a residence certificate from the Panchayat MP or the MLA office.

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(The Recipient Name MP, MLA )
Complete Address

Subject: Request For Certificate Of Residence.

It is requested that I, Mr. (Name), S/O (Father’s Name), Residence of the Village.

I require a residential certificate from your office because my national identity card is ready and I am 18 years old. My certificate is attached. I want to use my vote in the upcoming general election.

Therefore, I request in your honor that you kindly issue me a residential certificate.

Thanking you,

I am obliged,

3. How To Write a Request Application To District Officer For PRC ( Permanent Residence Certificate )?

District Officer DO is a DC Deputy Commissioner and a revenue officer. DC issues individuals’ domicile, PRC after completion of a minimum metric level education. Domicile is an important document that is required when applying for a job, and PRC is usually required when enrolling in a college or university.


Deputy Commissioner
Office Address

Subject: Request For PRC

Respected Sir,

Most respectfully, it is requested that I be Santosh Kumar, S/O Manoj Kumar. My permanent residency place is (city or village name). My father’s identity card and my school leaving certificate are attached as proof.

Kindly issue me a PRC (Permanent Residence Certificate) so that I can apply for a job and study further.

Thanking you.

Yours Truly,

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