Argumentative Essay On Circumcision

How To Write An Essay On Topic Circumcision

Brainstorm Ideas:

Before we set sail, let’s gather some ideas about circumcision:

  • Understanding Circumcision: What is circumcision, and why is it performed? Is it a cultural, religious, or medical practice?
  • Benefits: Explore the potential advantages of circumcision, such as hygiene, lower risk of infections, and potential health benefits.
  • Concerns and Risks: Discuss the concerns and risks associated with circumcision, including pain, complications, and ethical considerations.
  • Cultural and Religious Perspectives: Delve into the cultural and religious significance of circumcision in various communities.
  • Personal Choice: Consider whether circumcision should be a personal choice or a decision made by parents or guardians.


  • Introduction
  • Understanding Circumcision
  • Benefits
  • Concerns and Risks
  • Cultural and Religious Perspectives
  • Personal Choice
  • Balancing Act
  • Final Thoughts

Writing the Essay On Circumcision


Hey there, fellow explorers of knowledge! Imagine we’re on a quest, like adventurers seeking hidden treasure. Today’s treasure? Understanding the ins and outs of circumcision – a topic that has sparked many conversations. So, put on your thinking cap, and let’s embark on this journey of unraveling the reasons behind circumcision.

Understanding Circumcision

Picture this – you’re about to discover an ancient map that shows a treasure chest of knowledge. Circumcision is like a key that opens the door to understanding. It’s a practice where a piece of skin, called the foreskin, is removed from the tip of the male’s private area. People have different reasons for doing this. Some see it as a cultural tradition, some do it for religious reasons, and others think it might have health benefits.


Think about the benefits of having that treasure map – it guides you to incredible places. In a similar way, circumcision can have advantages. It’s like having a secret weapon against germs! Removing the foreskin can make it easier to clean, reducing the chances of infections. Some studies also say that circumcision might lower the risk of certain health issues. It’s like having a shield that protects you from harm.

Concerns and Risks

Imagine you found the treasure chest, but it’s guarded by tricky puzzles. Circumcision comes with its own set of puzzles too – concerns and risks. One puzzle is the pain it might cause. Another is the chance of complications, like infections or bleeding. And just like deciding whether to open the treasure chest, people debate whether it’s right to make this choice for someone else. It’s like facing a dilemma with no easy answers.

Cultural and Religious Perspectives

Now, let’s travel through time and explore different lands, where people have varied beliefs. Circumcision isn’t just about hygiene or health – it’s often part of cultural and religious traditions. In some communities, it’s seen as a rite of passage or a way to connect with their faith. It’s like having a special mark that shows you belong to a certain group.

Personal Choice

Imagine you have to make a decision about whether to explore a new land or stay in the familiar one. Circumcision is a bit like that – should parents or guardians decide, or should the person themselves have a say? It’s like choosing the path that feels right for you. Some believe it should be a personal choice when you’re older, while others think parents should decide when you’re a baby.

Balancing Act

Now, let’s pause and take a deep breath. This topic isn’t as simple as finding treasure or solving puzzles. It’s a balancing act – considering different perspectives, beliefs, and choices. Just like in a game where you need to weigh options before making a move, discussing circumcision requires thoughtful consideration of all viewpoints.


As we wrap up our journey through the world of circumcision, let’s remember that this treasure hunt of understanding is ongoing. We’ve uncovered some valuable insights into the reasons, benefits, concerns, and choices surrounding circumcision. Just like in a game, where players discuss strategies and make decisions together, let’s engage in respectful discussions that enrich our understanding and pave the way for a more informed and compassionate world.

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