Argumentative Essay On Female Circumcision

Female genital mutilation FMG or Female circumcision is a cultural practice that has been followed for many years. It involves cutting or changing a girl’s private parts for reasons that are not related to health. People have different opinions about whether this practice should continue or be stopped.

Arguments against Female Circumcision

Female circumcision can cause serious harm to girls and women. It can hurt a lot and make them sick. Sometimes, they might even die from the procedure. This practice also affects their feelings and mental well-being. Girls who go through female circumcision might feel sad, scared, or even have trouble having a normal life.

Another problem with female circumcision is that it takes away a girl’s rights. They might not have a choice in the matter and might not even understand what is happening to them. This is not fair, and it goes against the rights of every person to be treated with respect and have control over their own bodies.

Additionally, female circumcision is linked to ideas that girls and women are not equal to boys and men. This kind of thinking is not good for our society. Everyone should be equally for getting opportunities in life, no matter their gender.

Arguments in Favor of Female Circumcision

Some people believe that female circumcision is an important part of their culture or religion. They think it should continue because it has been practiced for a long time and has special meaning for their community. They believe that stopping this practice would mean losing a part of their identity.

Another point some people make is that female circumcision is a choice. They say that if a woman wants to go through the procedure, she should have the right to do so. They think that people from outside should not tell them what to do with their bodies.

In some communities, female circumcision is seen as a way to show that a girl is ready to become a woman. It might be a tradition that helps them fit in and be accepted by others. Some people argue that female circumcision can even have benefits for hygiene or marriage.

Answers to Questions:

What are the cultural and religious reasons for female circumcision?

Cultural and religious reasons for female circumcision vary among communities. Some believe it is a tradition that should be continued, while others think it is a way to show belonging to a certain group. Some religions might consider it important for social or spiritual reasons.

What are the health risks associated with female circumcision?

Female circumcision can lead to pain, infection, bleeding, and even death. It may be a controversial problem like, trouble urinating, sexual difficulties, and complications during childbirth.

What are the legal implications of female circumcision in different countries?

Laws regarding female circumcision differ from one country to another. In many places, female circumcision is considered illegal because of the risks and harms it poses to girls and women’s health and well-being.


In conclusion, the debate about female circumcision is complex and involves different beliefs and opinions. However, the harmful effects on girls’ and women’s health and well-being, the violation of human rights, and the perpetuation of gender inequality are strong reasons to advocate for the abolition of this practice. It is important to work together to educate communities, raise awareness, and change policies to ensure that girls and women can live healthy and fulfilling lives without the risks and harms associated with female circumcision.

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