Expository Essay On Drug Abuse 250 Words

Drug abuse is a severe issue that impacts numerous people in our society. It happens when people use drugs too much and too often, which can hurt their bodies and their minds. This is a big problem that we need to understand and find ways to stop.

Expository Essay on Drug Abuse

Causes of Drug Abuse

There are different reasons why people might start using drugs too much. Sometimes, it’s because their family has a history of using drugs, and they might think it’s okay. Other times, people might be feeling sad or stressed, and they use drugs to try and feel better. Sometimes, it’s because friends or people they know are using drugs, and they feel pressured to do the same. All these things can make someone more likely to start abusing drugs.

of Drug Abuse

Using drugs too much can make people sick. It can hurt their bodies, like their hearts and their kidneys. Some drugs can even make it really hard for people to stop using them, and they become addicted. This means they feel like they have to keep using the drugs even if they want to stop. Drug abuse can also affect how people act and think. They might have trouble concentrating, and they could become really sad or even angry. This can make it hard for them to do well in school, have good relationships with their friends and family, or even keep a job.

Effects of Drug Abuse on Society

When a lot of people in a society abuse drugs, it can cause big problems. First, it can make communities less safe. People who are using drugs might do things that hurt others, like stealing or fighting. This can make neighborhoods feel dangerous. Second, it can make it hard for the economy to grow. When people are using drugs too much, they might not be able to work well, and this can hurt businesses and the whole country. Lastly, drug abuse can put a burden on hospitals and clinics, because people who abuse drugs often get sick and need medical help.

Prevention and Treatment

To stop drug abuse, we need to work together. Schools can teach kids about the dangers of drugs and help them build strong, healthy lives. Families can support each other and talk about the importance of making good choices. Communities can create programs and activities that give people alternatives to using drugs, like sports, art, or volunteering. And if someone is already struggling with drug abuse, they can get help. There are places where they can talk to doctors or counselors who know how to help them stop using drugs. They might need medicine or therapy, and they might need their friends and family to support them too.


In conclusion, drug abuse is a big problem that affects many people and our society. We need to understand why people start abusing drugs and find ways to help them stop. It’s important for families, schools, and communities to work together and create a safe and healthy environment where people can make good choices. By preventing drug abuse and offering help to those who need it, we can build a better and stronger society for everyone.

Answers to Questions

Question 1: What are the common causes of drug abuse?

Common causes of drug abuse include a family history of drug use, mental health issues, peer pressure, and trying to cope with stress or sadness.

Question 2: What are the effects of drug abuse on society?

Drug abuse can make communities less safe, hurt the economy, and burden healthcare systems due to the increased medical needs of those affected.

Question 3: What are the different types of drugs that are commonly abused?

Commonly abused drugs include alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, pharmaceutical drugs, and banned drugs like cocaine and heroin.

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