Short Essay On Importance Of Female Education In Pakistan

Read a short on the topic the importance of female education in Pakistan. This essay is written for school student for their school assignment and magazine.

Importance Of Female Education In Pakistan Short Essay  In English

One of the most important issues in Pakistan is women’s education. On October 11, 1999, Benazir Bhutto’s first government approved a 10% quota for women in all educational institutions, in the private and public sectors. She also started a national literacy program for adult women.

Currently, 40% of Pakistani students are girls, which is a good increase from 0% about 20 years ago. The literacy rate of young girls has improved significantly to 70%. However, this is not enough, as the overall UNESCO target is that by 2015 around 90% of children will have to attend primary school, including at least 50% girls.

In rural areas where poverty rates are very high, there are three main reasons why parents do not send their girls to school. First, the cultural divide that separates girls from boys makes it possible for them to stay home and help the mother with housework or look after younger siblings.

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Second, the lack of adequate toilets in most elementary schools across Pakistan is a major reason some parents are reluctant to send their daughters to school. Finally, there is also fear for safety on the way to school because many streets are not well lit.


As a result of Pakistani efforts and interest in education, the participation of women in the labor force has increased dramatically. Today it is one of the most prosperous economies in South Asia as women actively participate in programs for rapid development success for every country.

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