A Simple Guide to the Ascender Student Portal NBISD

Hey there, kiddos! Do you go to school in the New Braunfels Independent School District (NBISD)? If so, let’s discuss a super cool tool your school uses. It’s called the Ascender Student Portal. Don’t worry if it sounds big and fancy. We’ll break it down so it’s as easy as ABC!

What is the Ascender Student Portal?

The Ascender Student Portal is like a magic door on your computer or tablet. When you open it, it takes you to a special place where you can find all sorts of things about your school day. Do you know how you have a backpack to keep your books, pencils, and homework? Think of the Ascender Student Portal as a giant, invisible backpack on your computer!

is the Ascender Student Portal Cool?

Imagine if you could see your report card before it even comes home or if you could check what homework you have without asking your teacher. That’s what the Ascender Student Portal lets you do! It’s like having a mini-school right at home.

How Do I Use the Ascender Student Portal?

Using the Ascender Student Portal is as easy as playing a game on your tablet. Here’s how you do it:

  • Logging In: First, you need your username and password. Your teacher or parents will give you these. Make sure you remember them but don’t tell them to anyone else!
  • Checking Your Grades: Once you’re in, you can see how you’re doing in your classes. Like how you get stars or points in a game for doing well, you can see your grades for your schoolwork.
  • Looking at Your Schedule: You can also see your schedule. This means you can know what class you have next, just like what level comes next in a game.
  • Seeing Your Homework: The portal can show you what homework you have. So, you never have to worry about forgetting what your teacher said.

Remember, you can ask your teacher or parents for help if you ever get stuck. They can show you how to use the Ascender Student Portal.


So, there you have it! The Ascender Student Portal is like a magical school inside your computer. It helps you know how you’re doing in school, what homework you have, and when your classes are. And the best part? You can use it anytime, anywhere! Isn’t that cool? Now, go ahead and explore your Ascender Student Portal. Happy learning!

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