Better Late Than Never Essay 450 Words For students

“Better late than never” is a proverb that rings true in a multitude of circumstances. This assertion, succinct in its composition yet profound in its implications, emphasizes the essentiality of completion, regardless of the time taken. In this comprehensive essay, we will delve into this saying’s origin, its application in our everyday lives, and the valuable life lessons we can glean from its wisdom. From historical anecdotes to modern day scenarios, we explore the relevance of the timeless adage, “Better late than never”.

Understanding the Proverb ‘Better Late Than Never – A Comprehensive Essay

Procrastination in School

At school, there are an array of instances where students delay in submitting their assignments or preparing for their examinations. Procrastination may be birthed from a myriad of reasons: a lack of motivation, an overload of tasks, or a simple lack of concentration. In such scenarios, it surely is “better late than never.” For example, a student who submits an essay late may still have the opportunity to earn some points, whereas avoiding the task altogether would lead to a zero mark.

Impact of Delay in the Workplace

Also, in the workplace, employees often grapple with meeting deadlines due to various reasons ranging from poor planning to excessive workload. In such situations, the age-old adage “better late than never” rings true. As long as the employee eventually completes their tasks, no matter how late, progress is ensured. However, if the tasks remain untouched, it creates a roadblock in the company’s path to achieving its objectives.

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The Role of Procrastination in Personal Relationships

Likewise, in the realm of personal relationships, being diligent sometimes means being late. A belated gesture of care is always appreciated, even if it’s tardy. For instance, a late birthday greeting from a son to his mother would still bring about a smile on her face and warm her heart, as it’s the thought that matters after all.

The Value and Wisdom of the Saying “Better Late Than Never”

The saying “better late than never” encapsulates the essence of the value of effort, determination, and respect in all areas of life. Despite the circumstances that may cause a delay, the eventual follow-through shows responsibility and commitment, which are indeed commendable traits. One must strive for punctuality, but also understand and empathize with others who might need more time.


In conclusion, while timeliness is a virtue that must be upheld, there are situations in life where tardiness cannot be avoided. In such cases, it’s the effort to complete the tasks and express care that carries value, even if it’s late. As we navigate through life, we must imbibe the essence of the saying “better late than never”. Instead of giving up when we’re late, focusing our energies on eventual completion leads to personal growth and development. It also helps build stronger relationships and progress within the workplace.

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