Write An Essay On Examination Malpractice | A Bane to Education

Examination malpractice, a scourge that has permeated the educational system worldwide and particularly in Nigeria, presents a significant threat to the development of a robust and equitable society. This essay aims to dissect the root causes, implications, and potential solutions for this deeply ingrained issue. Amidst the landscape of academic achievement, examination malpractice emerges as a destructive force, undermining the integrity of education and the value of genuine knowledge acquisition.

Essay: The Plague of Examination Malpractice: A Closer Look

Examination malpractice is a deeply concerning issue, one that corrodes the very foundations of our educational system. It is the act of violating rules and regulations set for examinations, often characterized by dishonest actions such as cheating, plagiarism, impersonation, collusion, and the leakage of exam questions.

of Examination Malpractice

Examination malpractice is not an isolated incident, but a product of various underlying factors. The pressure to excel academically often pushes students into the abyss of malpractice. This pressure is often a combination of societal expectations and parental pressure. Moreover, poor study habits, inadequate preparation, and fear of failure also contribute to students resorting to unethical means during examinations.
Furthermore, insufficient supervision and lax examination procedures raise opportunities for malpractice, highlighting the need for stringent monitoring mechanisms in the examination system.

The Impact on Students and the Educational System

Examination malpractice is not without consequences. For students, it erodes academic integrity, undermines personal growth, and reduces self-esteem. Over-reliance on dishonest means during exams can greatly affect a student’s learning outcomes and knowledge acquisition. The long-term effects can be severe, leading to limited career prospects and a tainted reputation.

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The education system also suffers from examination malpractices. The credibility and fairness of the system take a substantial hit. It creates an environment where the hard work of honest students is devalued, and it discourages effort and diligence. Further, it hampers the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills, integral for the progress of any society.

Addressing Examination Malpractice

The fight against examination malpractice requires collective action from all stakeholders. Strengthening examination procedures and ensuring strict supervision is a vital step. A culture of academic integrity and ethical conduct should be promoted among students. Innovative teaching and learning methods need to be encouraged to diminish the dependency on rote memorization. A system of consequences and penalties, including academic and legal, should be enforced effectively against those found guilty of examination malpractices.


In conclusion, examination malpractice is a gloomy shadow that looms over the educational system, eating into the integrity of the system and negatively affecting students and society as a whole. A combined effort from education institutions, policymakers, parents, and students is needed to pull education out of this quagmire and restore faith in the system.

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