Importance Of Examination Paragraph In 100,150 Words

Every know how a student feels in a night before examination?. It is test of memory of a student whatever taught him in a year. Examination hall is a hard place for dull students, they might fells fever, but very easy for intelligent students.

Write A Paragraph On Examination System For Children And Students

The exam is a systematic means of assessing and analyzing a person’s acquisition of skills and knowledge. The examination can be in writing, orally (e.g. questioning) or practical (e.g. completing tasks). In language teaching, for example, there are various forms of evaluation such as essays, oral exams, presentations and placement exams.

paragraph about examination

Exams usually test students’ ability to remember facts (recall tests), their ability to solve problems (e.g. any assessment that is used to measure a student’s knowledge can be called an exam. The word exam guides differs from the Latin exam meaning touchstone, and in English it is used both broadly to refer to any type of assessment and, in a narrow sense, to refer directly to an official event (such as the UK high school diploma) at which the performance of a student is assessed.

The term exam is derived from the Latin exam. In English, it is used both in the broadest sense for any type of assessment and, in the narrower sense, for an official event (such as the UK high school diploma) that assesses a student’s performance.

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What is Importance of Examination in points

The importance of the test is seen in many ways in our environment. College and university admission exams play an important role in student life. In the business world, employers consider written exam performance to be the most reliable indicator of an individual’s performance. Many public services also use written exams to help select the best candidates for challenging assignments.

In India there are various bodies that run entrance and recruitment exams for student and staff selection: Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT JEE), All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE), etc. Even professional courses like MBBS, BDS etc. have entrance tests where only those who pass the test are admitted to the best colleges / universities.

You can only become a member of ICSI or CA after passing a written examination of the respective committee. Even in elections in democratic countries, people are elected through scrutiny to the legislature, where they legislate for citizens, protect human rights and oversee the functions of various government agencies.


The entire educational system depends on exams to assess students’ progress in meeting set goals. Indeed, exams are an integral part of every field of activity in modern society.