About Conflict Paragraph Writing Example in English

This is an example paragraph on conflict. Peace and conflict always start from miner to miser due to a lack of communication between both parties. Here you can get good ideas about how to deal when conflict occurs in friends’ and family’s lives.

This composition is very useful for students. Children must know how to write a paragraph on conflict. Conflict and how to deal with it.

Here is a short paragraph about conflict in simple English for all my class students and children.

About “Conflict” Short Paragraph Writing Example In English For Students

Both parties in a relationship must be able to effectively communicate with each other for it to grow and thrive. However, as disagreements and conflicts can easily arise, this is often easier said than done. When dealing with conflict, keep in mind that there are usually two underlying issues at work: the emotional issue and the communication issue.

The emotional issue refers to the actual problem that is causing tension between the couple. This could be anything from money problems to disagreements about parenting styles. The communication issue, on the other hand, refers to how the couple is communicating about the emotional issue. Often, couples will get stuck in a cycle of fighting without ever actually addressing the underlying issue.

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If you find yourself in a miner or miser conflict with your friend or partner, take a step back and try to figure out what the emotional issue is. Once you’ve identified the problem, you can work on more productive ways to communicate about it.


You can help to resolve the conflict and improve your relationship by addressing the emotional issue and working on improving communication.

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