Essay I Hate The Letter S

It may seem peculiar to some, but yes, I hold a certain level of aversion towards the letter ‘S’. This single letter, found so frequently in our language, has a way of making its presence felt in my life in the most unexpected and inconvenient of ways. Do understand, it’s not a hatred borne out of any particular incident or trauma, but rather a string of occurrences that have led me to develop an inexplicable distaste for it.

Essay On Why I Hate The Letter S

I suppose it all started in the early days of my schooling. In elementary school, we were taught the alphabet, each letter with its unique sound and form. I found myself struggling with the letter ‘S’. It was not just the snake-like shape or the hissing sound that it brought with it, but the fact that it was everywhere. In words, in sentences, at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end. It was as if there wasn’t a single sentence that could exist without the letter ‘S’.

My frustration further amplified with the introduction of cursive writing. I remember standing there with my pencil, trying to master the loops and curves of the letter ‘S’. It was a struggle that seemed to last forever, my handcramp returning every time I attempted to write an ‘S’.

As I grew older, my dislike for ‘S’ became more concrete. Perhaps it was when I was trying to learn the names of the planets and kept stumbling over “Saturn”. Or maybe it was the time I tried to spell “successful” and added one ‘S’ too many. Even in mathematics, my least favorite subject, ‘S’ stood for slope and sum, concepts that never quite fell into place in my head.

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Of course, I understand the importance of ‘S’, its prevalence in our language, its necessity in our communication. Afterall, without ‘S’, we wouldn’t have sunsets, smiles, or stories. But, that doesn’t make my distaste for it any less real. It’s as if it is this unstoppable force, constantly present, and not always welcome in my life.

So, there you have it. A peculiar quirk, I know, but it’s a part of me nonetheless. An inexplicable dislike for a letter that is so common, so frequently used, and yet, so bothersome to me. As odd as it may seem, this aversion has shaped my experiences, affected my learning, and in a way, defined who I am today. And while I have learned to live with it, to understand it, and to accept it, the letter ‘S’ will always remain my least favorite letter of the alphabet.

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