How AI Can Help Students to Rewrite Paragraphs of An Essay?

Artificial intelligence is by far the most popular technology nowadays. It has many applications in all sorts of fields. Naturally, writers also get benefits from AI in the form of various tools.

How AI Help students

Writing assistant tools and content generators are some of the most common forms of tools that utilize AI. They can create very natural-sounding content that is factually accurate and sensible. As such writers can delegate some of their work to such tools and work more efficiently.

Today, we are going to discuss how students in particular can use such AI tools and rewrite paragraphs of essays. Essay writing as you know is an integral part of a student’s life. They have to write different kinds of essays as part of assignments or as classwork. So, they need all the help they can get to streamline this process.

How Do AI Tools Help Students to Rewrite Paragraphs?

Students often need to rewrite parts of their essays because they find issues with them during proofreading. Editing the issues is a gargantuan task because it is mentally taxing. However, with AI tools such as a paragraph rewriter students can do the editing easily.

Many AI tools are available for free or have some limited functionality for free. So, students can rewrite their essay paragraphs easily.

Here are how such tools can help a student rewrite part of an essay.

1.      By Changing Words with Their Synonyms

The first thing an AI rewriting tool can do to rewrite some text is to change words with their synonyms. This is one of the simplest rewriting techniques known as synonym exchange.

This technique is actually simple enough that even non-AI tools can apply it, but there is a catch. Non-AI tools can very easily go out of context and use incorrect synonyms. That is because many words in English have different meanings depending on their context.

Thankfully, AI rewriting tools can easily avoid this pitfall. AI tools use technologies like NLP (natural language processing) that help them to understand the context of a given statement. This allows them to effectively change words with synonyms without changing the inherent meaning of the statement. Here is an example highlighting this.

We used the following text in the example:


“Ships have long captivated the human imagination with their majestic presence and the promise of distant horizons. These seafaring vessels are like floating worlds, gracefully navigating vast oceans, rivers, and lakes, carrying cargo, passengers, and dreams.


A ship is a remarkable blend of engineering marvel and a timeless romance. From the sleek and sturdy hull that cuts through the water with determination to the towering masts that reach toward the heavens, ships are a testament to human ingenuity and exploration. They embody the spirit of adventure, connecting people and cultures across vast distances.”


The output given by the tool was as follows:

The output given by the tool was as follows:

The AI rewriter changed several words with either other words or phrases. Some words that were changed are:

  • Captivated-> Captured.
  • Seafaring Vessels-> Ocean Liners
  • Navigating-> that move
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As you can see the changes are contextually accurate and do not change the meaning of the passage. Students can use this functionality to infuse new vocabulary in their essay paragraphs.

2.      By Changing Phrases

Changing words with synonymous words or phrases is pretty standard for a rewriting tool. But AI rewriting tools can go the extra mile and change phrases directly. A phrase is a bigger unit that often consists of three or more words.

Phrasal changes often result in more thorough rewrites compared to simple synonym exchanges. Only AI tools are capable of proper phrase rewriting because non-AI tools butcher the context and their results are incomprehensible.

So, students can use AI paragraph rewriters to change the phrasing of passages in their essays. We are going to show you an example of an AI tool changing phrases in a write-up. The sample passage is the same one we used in the previous point.

Here is the output.

students can use AI paragraph rewriters

You can see that phrases have been altered in some places in the text. The most notable instance of this is the following:

  • A remarkable blend -> the perfect combination
  • Gracefully navigating -> these ships navigate
  • Sleek and sturdy hull -> sturdy, solid structures

And none of these changes are contextually or grammatically incorrect because the AI ensures that the overall changes are harmonious with each other.

3.      Varying the Sentence Structure

This is one of the best ways of rewriting paragraphs in an essay because it can help improve clarity and readability. Changing the sentence structure refers to moving around parts of the sentence. The verbs, objects, subjects, and adjectives move places, and other changes are made to accommodate this locomotion.

The final product is a sentence that provides the same information, but it reads very differently. Changes from active to passive voice and vice versa are sentence structure changes. And that changes the entire tone of the write-up. So that should give you an idea of how potent structural changes are.

Here is an example showing structural changes made by an AI rewriting tool.

changes made by an AI rewriting tool.

The most notable change with respect to sentence structure is only one and that is:

  • They embody the spirit of adventure, connecting people and cultures across vast distances. -> They embody the spirit of adventure and connect people and cultures that are far apart.

The underline parts show the structural changes. So, students can use this functionality to improve the readability of their write-ups.


In summary, students can improve the vocabulary used in their essays and make them more readable by using AI paragraph rewriting tools. We saw that these tools can replace words and phrases with their synonyms as well as alter the sentence structure.

Students can improve problematic or poorly written paragraphs with the help of such AI rewriting tools. We showed examples that proved that AI rewriters can do everything we said they do. And the best part is that most tools do not even require money or an account to use.

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