Composition About My Family For Students

Family is a precious gift from God. Following are two compositions on the topic of my family for students and children.

1. My Family Composition For Class 2 and 3

My name is Kip. I study in class 5 and live in a beautiful Kenya. I love my family a lot. My family is like a team for me, and we are five family members.

My family consists of five family members, my Father, my Mother, my big sister Nia, my younger brother Jengo, and me. My father is very tall and strong. He is a farmer. He works hard to grow maize, beans, and other crops in our field. He always wakes up when it is still dark and goes to the farm. He tells me that it is from the farm that we get food to eat. I think my Papa is a very brave and smart person in my life.

My Mother is the best cook in the whole world. She makes the yummiest Ugali and Sukuma Wiki. My mother also teaches at a school nearby to my home. She helps me with my homework and tells me interesting stories at night before I go to bed. Every night, I look forward to these stories. Mother is very kind and loving.

composition on my family

My big sister Nia is in the 7th grade. She is very good at running. She says she wants to be like Eliud Kipchoge, who is the fastest runner in the world. Nia helps me tie my shoelaces and also helps me with my school homework. Even though she teases me sometimes, I love her a lot.

My little brother Jengo is just three years old. He is very cute and funny. He tries to copy everything I do. Sometimes it is annoying, but my mother says it’s because he admires me. I try to be a good example for him.

We live in a small house in the countryside near the Great Rift Valley. Our house is surrounded by lots of trees and fields. We have a small garden where Mama grows vegetables. We also have two cows, some chickens, and a dog named Simba. I love to play with my pet Simba.

On weekends, we usually all family members go to the river near our house. My Father teaches me how to catch fish, while my Mother, Nia, and Jengo sit by the river and enjoy the sun. In the evening, we all sit around the fire and Papa tells us stories about our ancestors.

Every morning, we wake up early to the crowing of the rooster. We eat breakfast together and then Nia and I go to school. My mother goes to teach at her school, and my father goes to the farm. Jengo stays at home with our grandmother.

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My family is very special to me. We laugh together, play together, and sometimes we also cry together. But most important is that we love each other very much. I feel lucky to be a part of my family. I love my family, my home, and my beautiful country Kenya.

2. My family Composition For Class 4 and 5

My name is Sam and I am 10 years old. I go to Mwangaza Primary School in Nairobi, Kenya. I have a big and happy family that I love very much.

My family starts with my mother and father. My mothers’s name is Harriet and she takes good care of our home. She makes good meals for us and keeps our house neat and clean. My mother is a very kind and caring woman. My father’s name is Joseph and he works as an accountant in our city. He brings home money to buy us things that we need. My father also spends time with me teaches me math and reading English.

I have two older sisters, Asha and Zawadi. Asha is 15 years old and she is in Form 2 at Mwangaza Girls High School. She is a friendly girl and likes to tell interesting jokes that make us laugh. Zawadi is 13 years old and in class 7. She is quieter than Asha but she is good at cooking and often helps our mother.

I also have two younger brothers. My younger brother Amin is 7 years old and attends Mwangaza Primary too. He is in Standard 2 and he is a very energetic boy. He likes playing football with me every day in the evening. My youngest brother Khalid is only 4 years old. He is always wanting someone to play with him and keep him company. We like playing with his toy cars and building blocks together.

Our extended family is also an important part of my life. My grandfather, who we call Djedji, lives with us. Djedji is 77 years old and while he cannot walk anymore, he tells us interesting stories about when he was young. I love listening to his stories. My grandmother, who we call Sanya, stays with my auntie who lives nearby. We visit her every weekend and she gives us candies and hugs.

Our family is Muslim and we celebrate Eid together every year. On Eid, all of my aunts, uncles, and many cousins come to our home to feast and celebrate. There are so many of us that we spill out into the street outside! During Eid, I wear my new clothes, eat sweet treats, and play with all my cousins. It is always a very joyful time.

My family is my most important treasure in the world. They are always there to support me, care for me, and make me laugh. When I am with my family I feel safe, loved, and happy. I hope that our family will remain close together always. My family members are the best friends I have and they make my world a colorful and happy place.


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