My Favorite Color Yellow Essay

When asked what my favorite color is, I always reply “yellow!” This essay will explain why this bright hue makes me happy and why it has become my number one pick. I will discuss what it is about the color yellow that I admire and find inspiring. By the end, I hope to convince others of how amazing yellow really is.

Why Yellow Is My Favorite Color

Sunshine in a Color

The first reason I love yellow so much is that it reminds me of the sun and summertime. (Topic sentence) When I see things like golden daffodils, lemons or a sunny sky, I can’t help but smile. Yellow feels vibrant, like the sun’s warm rays, and fills me with energy. Whenever I’m feeling down, one look at something yellow instantly lifts my mood. It represents happiness, hope and positivity – perfect for brightening any day!

An Attention Grabber

Another thing I like about yellow is that it demands attention without trying too hard. (Transition) While other bright colors can be loud or overwhelming, yellow has a cheerful way of standing out that I find appealing. Whether on toy trucks, flowers or ducks – yellow pairs beautifully with many other hues while still making a statement. For this color, subtlety is not an issue! It catches my eye like no other shade can. Yellow’s ability to dazzle makes it perfect for encouraging creativity, too.

Creativity in Color

Speaking of creativity, yellow lends itself well to self-expression through color. (Topic sentence) From stationery to clothing styles to interior design – yellow allows others to see my unique preferences and personality shine through. An art project in bubbly yellows and oranges bursts with energy. Not every color suits every person, but yellow’s cheerful spirit fits my fun-loving attitude just right. Making and looking at things in yellow sparks joy and artistry within me that inspires many new ideas, too.

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My Yellow World

Since yellow makes me so gleeful, creating a yellow world is on my bucket list! (Transition) I imagine walls painted in sunshine shades like lemon and dandelion. Accent pieces in goldenrod and mustard hue would liven things up further. Picture frames holding smiling memories, vases brimming with sunflowers and throw pillows as yellow as a chickadee – bringing the color into every corner would delight me to no end. Slowly transforming my world from a yellow room into a sunny one seems worth the effort and excitement!


While others may argue for different favorites, yellow will always reign supreme in my book. Its cheerful sparkle, potential for brightening days and unique ability to draw eyes while sparking ideas cement yellow as my most beloved color. When I see something in that special golden shade, joy awakens within my heart each time. For making me smile so widely, yellow is certainly number one on my color chart

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