Leave Application for Teacher For Teacher To Principal

Leave application by the teacher to the principal for urgent work in English. Teachers can take casual leaves, emergency leaves, sick leaves, etc

following are two written samples for teachers, They can easily apply for required leave by

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Sample: 01


The Principal,

ABC International School

Subject: Application for Leave

Respected Sir/ Madam,

I am writing this letter to request permission to go abroad for a family function for 3 days. It’s my brother’s wedding, and I cannot miss it, so I humbly ask you to let me take time off. A replacement teacher has already been hired for 3 days of classes on my behalf. As I have never been granted leave during this semester, I hope I will be given a leave to attend my brother’s wedding. As promised, I will return to class after 3 days.

I will be grateful to you for this utmost kindness.

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Yours Faithfully,

Angel Sunder

Sample: 02

Leave letter for school teacher

Dear Headmaster,

I teach mathematics to students in the 9th and 10th grades. I’m unable to come to school today due to transportation problems.

Because my husband is out of the city today, he is unable to pick me up from school. I am unable to come to school alone because of transportation and road issues on the way to my home.

Please grant me leave for today.

Thanking you,

(Your Name)

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