One Day Casual Leave Application | 5 Samples For Office

Casual Leave Application: If an employee needs a temporary break from their workplace for some personal reasons, they provide the authority with a leave request or absence letter. Employees should do so to demonstrate their professionalism and to give employers adequate preparation time.

This example will help you to write a casual leave application for one day if you are absent from the office because of significant personal work.

Casual Leave Application Reasons

These are some of the possible reasons to take a casual leave from your workplace and school:

  • Casual leave for not feeling well
  • Leave for Urgent Work/Emergency Casual leave
  • For Govt Employees when someone is not well at home/is coming abroad
  • aria-level="1">Casual leave for teachers for personal reasons

Tips  &Format: How To Write A Casual Leave Application For Urgent Work?

These days, companies offer their employees the privilege in the form of casual leaves where an employee

has the right to take leaves once a month. But it is the employee’s responsibility to inform the person concerned about the same before taking an application for a casual leave letter. By doing so, you’ll demonstrate your integrity, and it will also help persuade the person concerned to approve your leaves. application for casual leave in office samples is given below.

Casual leave letter format

When writing the letter of casual leave, you should include in your organization the date when you will need leave and the length of the leave to the concerned authority. Using our examples, models, and email format to write a casual, professional leave submission.

  • Above all, keeping the tone and content of the letter formal and polite is crucial.
  • In your letter, you have to state clearly the reason for your leave.
  • The letter’s wording should be such that the reader is persuaded, and he automatically punishes the leaves.
  • The letter is to be descriptive and short.
  • Once you have written the post, please check the spelling mist letter.

1. Casual Leave Application Sample For  School Teachers


The Principal

Brightstar’s Public School,(School Name)

Bombay (School Address)

Subject: Casual Leave Application for Teacher


With due respect, I want to say that I am Sunil Mehra (Your Name) working in your school as a math teacher (Your Designation). I am going out of town for some urgent work (state the reason) and will be unable to come to school for two days (state how many days).

I am therefore asking you to grant me two days of leave from 22.04.2022 to 23.04.2022. I would greatly appreciate it if you granted my leave request.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely,

Sunil Mehra (Your Name)
Physics Teacher (Your Designation)
Contact No

2. One Day Medical Checkup Casual Leave Application for Govt Employee


The Principal

KDA Little Stars,(School Name)

Bombay, (School Address)

Subject: Request for one Day Leave for a medical checkup


It is my pleasure to introduce myself as Mohit Sharma, your respected science teacher for the last four years. Due to this reason, I have to go to the doctor for a medical check-up.

I would like to request one day’s leave (i.e. 11-04.2022). I will be grateful to you.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely,

Mohit Sharma (Your Name)
Math Teacher (Your Designation)
Contact No.

3. Casual Leave Application for Office


Subject: Casual Leave for Employee (Medical Emergency)

Dear Mr./Mrs. (Recipient’s Name),

I am writing to request you for a (3 days) leave from (start date) to (end-date) since I have to attend a close relative’s medical emergency. The relative is located in Mumbai, so I’ll be away for (Y days). The (mention the date) is the date that I’m going to resume work.

My phone number and an e-mail will be available in the future. I will delegate the duties of my position to (name of the person concerned) during my absence.

I will be very grateful to you for considering my request.

4. Casual Leave Application Template/Format

Sub: Casual Leave Application for Urgent Work

Dear Mr. Sam,

Sadly, my daughter isn’t well at present, and I intend to have her examined at a hospital. I will need to take a day off from work to do this. She has stomach pains and a fever. She is a concern to us. Additionally, she hasn’t been to school in the past week.

David has made arrangements to meet with my clients in my absence, and I will keep you informed. Please refer to the medical reports of my daughter after I check for your reference.

I hope you understand my condition and give me a day’s leave.

Thanking you,

Dev Sharma (Your Name)
Assistant Operation Division (Your Designation)
Contact No:

5. Casual Leave Application For Urgent Work

Subject: Casual Leave Application

Dear Mr./Mrs. {Recipient’s Name},

The medical emergency of a close relative has caused me to request a [X-day] leave of absence, from [start date] until [end date]. I can’t spend all of [X days] at home because I must visit a relative in Uttrakhand. I will return to work on [mention date].

My phone and email will be available during this time. While I am on vacation, [person’s name] will handle my work. Your consideration of my application will be appreciated.

Yours Sincerely,

Adeel Mehra (Your Name)
ABC (Your Designation)
Contact No.

Additional Guide: How to Write A  Casual Leave Letter For Office?

If you are going to be away for a short period, you should make sure your employer or the appropriate authority knows so they can plan accordingly and seek a temporary break from your break due to personal reasons. For yearly leave days that are left over, documentation is required. These letters can serve as evidence of an employee’s situation for the employer.  Your employer will be able to plan for your replacement while you are away if you notify them in advance.

Standard Procedure/Practice for Effective Casual Leave Application Letter

In your application for casual leave, you should include details such as the reason you are requesting leave, the date you will need to take it, and the duration.

  • You must submit your letter by the deadline:

A manager or proper authority must be notified before the time of a worker’s casual leave by the employer. Your manager will need to contact you as soon as your email reaches them. If a different person is appointed to cover the work while you are gone, that is a good thing.

  • You should speak professionally:

When writing an application for off-site leave, you must use a professional and formal tone that shows you’re aware of the concerned leaves.

  • Sign the document:

Please make sure that your signature appears at the end of the casual leave application. Please include your name, job title, and formal signature.

  • Don’t go into too much detail:

Be sure to format your casual leave application formally and include only the required information. You could be led in a negative direction if you make it long and unnecessary.

  • Name the person who will handle your work:

Include in your application letter the name of the person who will be responsible for the tasks you need to perform while on leave for the specified period.

  • If you’re leaving the work and rejoining it, you should list the following dates:

Be sure to mention the dates you left and returned to work in your casual leave application.

  • The following form may be attached:

Please ensure that you include the casual leave application form in your email as well so that we can keep track of your information.

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