Leave Application for Vacation in Office | How To Write [Samples]

Every employee deserves a break. Time off work is crucial for maintaining work-life balance and reducing burnout. However, requesting a vacation requires a well-crafted leave application that effectively communicates your need while ensuring a seamless workflow during your absence.

What is a Leave Application for Vacation in Office and why is it necessary?

A leave application for vacation in an office setting is a formal document or email written by an employee to their employer or manager, requesting time off from work for vacation. It is essential because it maintains professionalism and gives the employer adequate notice to manage work schedules during the employee’s absence.

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Understanding how to write a compelling leave application enhances its likelihood of approval. Here are four exemplary scenarios showcasing effective leave application writing.

Example – Short Vacation Leave Application

Subject: Leave Application for Short Vacation (10th-15th June).

Dear [Manager’s Name], I am writing to formally request a five-day vacation leave from 10th to 15th June. During this period, I have ensured that my responsibilities will be covered by [colleague’s name].

Example – Long Vacation Leave Application

Subject: Leave Application for Extended Vacation (1st-30th July).

Dear [Manager’s Name], I am writing to request a month-long vacation leave from 1st to 30th July. I have attached a detailed plan outlining how my duties will be managed in my absence.

Example – Emergency Vacation Leave Application

Subject: Emergency Leave Application for Family Vacation.

Dear [Manager’s Name], Due to an unexpected family obligation, I am required to request an immediate vacation leave from [start date] to [end date].

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Example – Vacation Leave Application with Work-from-home Proposal

Subject: Leave Application for Vacation with Remote Work Proposal.

Dear [Manager’s Name], I am seeking your approval for a two-week vacation leave. However, considering the workload, I propose to work remotely during the first week.

FAQs on Leave Application for Vacation in Office

What should be included in the leave application for vacation in office?

The leave application should include the reason for the leave, the start and end dates, and a proposal for how your responsibilities will be handled during your absence.

How much notice should be given when applying for vacation leave?

Normally, a minimum of two weeks’ notice is advisable for vacation leave. However, company policy or the terms of your employment contract may specify a different notice period.

Can an employer reject a leave application for vacation?

Yes, employers can reject a leave application if it conflicts with company policy or operational requirements. It is always advisable to discuss your plans informally with your manager or HR department before submitting your application.


Crafting an effective leave application for vacation in office is a necessary skill for every professional. By providing clear and concise information, considering the impact of your absence, and offering solutions, you can ensure your leave application is well-received and increases your chances of approval.

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