Maternity Leave Application | How to Write [ Samples & Guide ]

Everyone who works as a professional woman will need maternity leave from time to time. An employee on maternity leave takes time off from work while she is expecting a baby, or has recently given birth. In maternity leave application letters, the employee is asking for a leave of absence on formal grounds. The duration of maternity leave in India varies from 12 to 26 weeks. As a result, to help you understand how to write an office maternity leave application letter, we have outlined below some of the information you need to know.

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+ Maternity Leave Application Samples

1. Simple Format Applying For Maternity Leave

  • Name and address of the sender
  • Date
  • To,
  • Name and address of the receiver

Subject: Request for Maternity Leave Application

  • Respected Sir/Ma’am,
  • Main Body of the Letter
  • Regards,
  • Yours Sincerely
  • Sender’s signature and name

Here are a few sample applications for maternity leave at school. Among the samples of Maternity leave applications in India included here are the Maternity leave application for private offices, school principal applications, and teachers’ maternity leave applications.

2. Maternity Leave Application For Office to Boss

Mrs. Turnbull Akhtar
123, Sikkim,
Ahmed Abad – 110056
20th January 2022.


Mr. Kelash Gupta,
Manager, Xerox Corporations,
Sector 11, Delhi – 110085

Subject: Request for Early Maternity Leave Letter for 16 weeks 

Respect Sir,

Please accept my letter of notification of my pregnancy and my request to take the 16 weeks of maternity leave that I will be granted by the company. My due date is 15th March 2022. My leave will begin on 22nd January 2022, and I will be back at work on 12th June 2022

Should there be any unforeseen issues with the delivery or pregnancy, I will inform you right away. My doctor has provided me with a letter confirming all the details.

I am available to provide any information you require.

Thanking you,

Your’s Sincerely

Sunbul Akhtar

3. Maternity Leave Application  for Teachers

Mrs. Shukla Nevra
20-A, Sector C,
Nepalkaja, Bombay – 110016.
9th January 2022.


The Principal,

Brithstars Bubbles School,
Bombay – 110016.

Subject: Request for Maternity Leave Application To Principal 

Respected Principal Madam,

I, Shukla Nevrra, English Teacher, have been teaching English subjects from Class 5 to 9 for the last 4 years. As discussed with you regarding Maternity Leave for 11 weeks, I would like to request you grant me leave from 20th January 2022. My due date is near and the expected date is 15th February 2022. My doctor has recommended bed rest. I will join the school on 5th May 2022.

During my absence, I would like a temporary teacher to cover my classes. Before I leave for leave, I will give the Head Mistress Madam the list of remaining topics that I have completed for all the classes.

I will let you know as soon as possible if an unforeseen event could cause a change in the joining date. Thanks for your consideration and understanding.

Your’s Sincere,

Aarti Mishra.

4. Maternity Leave Application Email Format

To: Mail ID
From Mail ID

Subject: Maternity Leave Application Required (Application of Maternity Leave After Delivery)

Dear Mr./Mrs. (Name),

My name is Dhairya, and I work for (Project Name). My Maternity Application has been approved. The Maternity Leave would be from (Start Date) to (End Date). Please grant me maternity leave (number of days).

The work I am doing will be handled by Karan Mehra while I am away. I am available at all times for your needs without hesitation.

Thanking You,
Yours Sincerely,
Dhairya Mehra

Writing Guide: How to Write Maternity Leave Application?

If you are planning to go on maternity leave, some guidelines need to be followed by the company. Therefore, the responsible person must ensure that the issue is properly addressed.

1. Address of sender:

Write your address at the top of the page when writing a letter requesting maternity leave. A small space between the date and the address should be used in any formal correspondence.

2. Title:

You should keep the subject line of your formal letter short. “Maternity Leave Application/Request.”, for instance.

3. Address inside:

In a few lines below the above, mention the correct address of the company.

4. Greetings:

A formal salutation is a necessary part of any professional letter. Regardless of whether you have a friendly relationship with your boss, your manners must be impeccable.

5. Opening Paragraph:

The purpose of your letter should be stated in the first paragraph. Let your doctor know the length of your maternity leave. What percentage of the allowance would you like to take? Furthermore, you need to include the dates you will be leaving and returning to work, as well as the due date for your baby.

6. Main Body

The part of your letter where you describe how you will cover your projects when you are out of the office is very important.

7. Final Paragraph:

The next paragraph should outline how you plan to return to work when you have finished your maternity leave; your contact information should also be included.

8. Closing:

To conclude your letter, you should express your appreciation for your job and thank your employer for their understanding during this critical time in your life.

9. Your Name and signature:

Choose a handwritten signature if you’re sending your boss a printed letter. You should only include your name in an email.

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