Short 300 Words Paragraph On Mountain

Read following short paragraph about mountain for students.

Mountain short paragraph writing example in English

Mountain is a land form that has their own unique features, especially the highest point on earth. Mountain is very important part of our landscape, its contribution to our living is not only aesthetic but also useful for many people.

Mount Apo is the highest mountain in the Philippines which is located between Davao City and Cotabato City in South Cotabato. This mountain has an elevation of 9,692 feet above sea level and it is considered as one of the landmarks here because of its overwhelming presence with no sign of human activity at all.

The soil that was brought by eolian erosion from other mountains such as Philippine Folded Belt made this mountain unique than others so its top soil layer covers limestone rocks. The top soil layer made the mountain become a popular place for plantations.

People who lives near the mountain or climbers said that they haven’t seen any wild animal on the mountain and there are no trees on its slopes. The people also said that the water source on the mountain is not safe to drink because of the poor quality of its water. The mountain also has no river so it is not possible for people to stay there to feel how it feels like living in a forest.

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People are starting to realize the importance of mountains especially the one that have aesthetic view, because of this reason conservation movements are being conducted. If every mountain will be viewed as useless then our landscape will be extremely boring without anything outstanding at all.

So next time if asked about your impression about mountains just tell them that they are wonderful and beneficial for us which gives us place to go on weekends or just have peaceful moments to spend with nature.


Mountain is a very beautiful part of our surroundings. Its features are unique compared to other places on earth. It contributes to the landscape not only aesthetically but also useful for people.

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