My Dream Apartment Essay For Students & Children

Many kids my age think about what they want to be when they grow up or where they want to travel someday. For me, I spend a lot of time imagining what my perfect apartment would look like as an adult (Topic Sentence). In this essay, I will describe the key features and design elements of my dream apartment. I will explain choices like the location, layout, decorating themes, and amenities that are important to me. By outlining my ideal living space, readers will learn more about my personal interests and goals for the future.

Short Essay On My Dream Apartment

Downtown Location

If I had to choose where in the city my dream apartment would be, I would pick a spot right in the middle of downtown (Topic Sentence). I want to be close to all the best restaurants, shops, museums, theaters, and parks so I can easily explore everything on foot. Another bonus is that downtown apartments sometimes have rooftop decks or courtyards with stunning views of the skyline. I think it would feel so modern and exciting to live amidst the hustle and bustle of downtown every day. The convenient transit access is also a major plus so I can get around easily without needing a car.

Bright Open Floor Plan

More than anything, I want my apartment to have an airy, light-filled design and feel larger than it is (Topic Sentence). To maximize space, I think an open floor plan without many closed-off rooms would be perfect. With few interior walls, the whole place would feel very open and uncluttered. Big windows along an entire wall would let in an abundance of natural light during the day and offer views of the city at night. Hardwood floors in light colors would further brighten things up. Strategic furniture placement could delineate spaces without making the area seem cramped.

Modern Coastal Decor

For decorating my apartment, I am drawn to a modern coastal style using shades of blue, white, and gray (Topic Sentence). Some elements I picture are driftwood accent tables, burlap window treatments with rope details, and a coral and shell collection artfully arranged. I would mount framed vintage maps and hang string lights along the walls. Built-in shelves could display my favorite books and photos in a neat, organized way. Other rustic-luxe must-haves are a fluffy sheepskin rug, wicker pendant lights, and a canvas sectional sofa for lounging. Together, these pieces would transport me to the beach even in the middle of the big city.

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Awesome Amenities

Of course, a dream home isn’t complete without special amenities (Transition). I would want my apartment building to have a state-of-the-art fitness room where I can work out and take dance or yoga classes. An outdoor swimming pool on the roof deck under the stars would be so relaxing. In-unit washer and dryer units save trips to the laundry mat. I also hope my building offers bike storage, a media room, and a community garden space where residents can gather. With so many luxuries right outside my door, it would feel like a resort!


In conclusion, my ideal apartment captures everything that is meaningful and important to me. Living in a bright, airy space downtown with beautiful fixtures and offerings would allow me to fully embrace city living. While this may only exist in my imagination for now, outlining my dream apartment has helped me envision future goals and what truly matters as I get older. Someday when I have my own place, I hope to bring elements of this vision to life.

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