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My Favorite Day Of The Year Is My Birthday Essay

Every year, I feel extra happy and celebrate one special day. That day is my birthday! In this essay, I will explain why my birthday means so much to me and what makes it the best day ever. I will talk about my family and friends’ fun traditions to mark the occasion. By the end, you’ll understand why I look forward to my birthday all year.

My Favorite Day of the Year – Birthday

Morning Wishes and Gifts

My birthday always starts with a sweet surprise – waking up to cards, gifts and balloons waiting for me! (Topic sentence). My parents decorate my room with streamers and save the biggest present for last. I feel so lucky after opening gifts filled with clothes, toys and books. My friends also send messages wishing me a happy day, which makes me feel special. Enjoying this magical morning with those closest to me is the perfect start.

Birthday Fun with Family

Next, my whole family comes over to celebrate. We have my favorite snack – cookie cake for breakfast! (Transition). Then we play fun party games that always make me laugh, like pin the tail on the donkey or musical chairs. My family takes me to do something I love in the afternoon, like bowling, roller skating or the zoo. Sharing the day with loved ones who made me is very meaningful. Their company brings big smiles.

Party Time with Friends!

Later in the day comes the best part – my birthday party! All my friends come dressed in fun hats and shirts. We decorate cookies, make slime and play loud music while dancing crazy. (Topic sentence). For dinner, pizza and birthday cupcakes await. Seeing happy faces light the candles with me is magical. At the end, we watch a movie while stuffed with treats until it’s time for goodbyes. My friends make each celebration extra special and memorable.

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Looking Back and Ahead

As the year passes, I cherish memories from past birthdays but anticipate the next. Growing up each year brings exciting new experiences with family and friends. Their unconditional love and support on my special day make me grateful and happy. Even when I’m grown up with my traditions, my friends and family will always make my birthday amazing each year, no matter what!


In conclusion, having one day where I am the most important person surrounded by my favorite people is why my birthday means so much to me. Between happy wishes, fun with family and celebrating with friends, my birthday makes me feel extra joyful each year. While other days come and go, my birthday remains my favorite for its magic and bringing loved ones together. I am thankful for the chance to feel extra cherished and appreciate those around me each year on my special day.

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