My Neighbor Essay 100 Words For Students

My neighbor, Mr. Johnson, is a very nice and helpful man. He lives in the house next to mine. In this essay, I will tell you about my neighbor and why he is so nice.

My Neighbour Essay & Paragraphs

Where My Neighbour Lives

Mr. Johnson lives in the blue house on the right side of my house. His house is bigger than mine, but it looks the same. It has two floors and a big backyard with a swimming pool. My room window faces his house so that I can see into his yard a little bit. I like looking at his pool and wishing I could swim in it!

What My Neighbour Looks Like

Mr. Johnson is old, probably as old as my grandpa. He has grey hair that is thinning on top, and he is going bald. He wears glasses and has a mustache. He is shorter than my dad but fatter. Mr. Johnson walks slowly because of his bad knee and uses a cane sometimes. He wears trousers and button-up shirts. I do not think I have ever seen him wearing shorts or T-shirts, even in summer!

My Neighbour’s Personality

Even though he is old, Mr. Johnson has much energy and always does some projects around the house. He is also very friendly to everyone. When he sees me, he smiles and waves and sometimes comes over to chat with me and my family. He remembers all our names and always asks how school is going for me and my sister.

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The best thing about Mr. Johnson is that he is helpful. He is always happy to help our family out. Here are some of the nice and helpful things he does:

  • Watering plants when we go on vacation
  • Helping carry groceries from the car
  • Letting my dad borrow tools from his garage
  • Helping fix our car whenever it breaks down
  • Shoveling snow from our driveway in winter

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