Short And Long Paragraph On My House In English For Students

Short essay with six short and long paragraph about my house. These paragraphs are written in different ways for different levels of students.

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Six Long And Short Paragraphs About My House

1. My House Short Essay For Class 10

I live in a house. I’ve lived there all my life. It’s a lovely home. Our town is two stories up and near the top of the hill.

My room is on the second floor, in the far corner of the house. I have a window overlooking my neighbor’s garden, where he keeps his dog in a small kennel tied to one of the trees in his back garden. The grass is tall and yellowing here and there, although he tries to keep it under control. I also have a window in the front of my room that looks out onto the street, and if I lean close enough and look slightly to the left, I can see the corner of another neighbor’s house. My father’s bedroom is at the end of the hall on one side, and there are two other bedrooms, each facing one another. One of these is my older brother’s room, and he set it up to look like an old-fashioned study, complete with oil paintings on the walls, a small replica mahogany desk near the window where he keeps his laptop, and read books. He keeps a Quill pen in a holder next to it to write letters, although he never does that again. Then there is my room, which could be said to be the opposite of his, as it has no personality whatsoever. Everything in it was bought in a store and goes with everything else in the room-the bedspread, the comforter, the sheets, the pillowcases. The curtains match the sheets and bedspread, the carpet matches all of that, and even the pillows on my bed are monotonous. That’s not to say it is ugly, though, because it isn’t at all.

my home paragraph

2. My House Paragraph In 100 Words

The foundation of my house was built in 1893 after a fire destroyed most of our city. The firefighters were able to save my house and four others on either side. But the wall that had stood between the two houses was no more, and we were joined together to form a large house that spanned three lots. My mother likes this because she says it makes our house feel like a mansion. After all, we have so much space and because the house is now taller than either of the houses on either side, My mother also likes that there are now three bathrooms instead of just one, but my father says if they split us up again, we would all die because the roof only holds one beam. I like having more space and privacy, although I wish it wasn’t that hard to stay clean.

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3. My Home Paragraph For Class 2

I’m not sure when my house was built in 1893, but a stone near the porch with that date is still in place today, along with one from 1910 that says “H” for Henry, who must have been the son of the original builder. That’s why I named my house “H” for Henry when I was a kid. Now I just call it my home or the house. If you want to put it technically, my house is not mine at all as it is owned by both me and my parents, who put it in our name, but they still call it theirs.

4. Description Of A Beautiful House Paragraph

My house is on a hill, so you have to go up some stairs to get to the front door of my house. I don’t like this part because it’s hard for me to climb the stairs with my crutches and then push open the heavy wooden door that doesn’t automatically look like a supermarket. But once you get in, it’s nice because you can look out any of my big windows and see lots of skies and sometimes the neighbor’s dog barking all the time. Sometimes hell howls or whines, but that doesn’t happen too often. My room is on the second floor, up a short carpeted flight of stairs, and has a large window overlooking the street. The carpet in my room is covered in all sorts of fluff, who knows what, because it is rarely vacuumed.

5. Paragraph On My House In English For Class 5

People have lived in my house for a long time. I’m not sure about who moved in first, but I know that my great grandparents lived there with their six children for many years. Then, the middle of the house stood empty for a while until two of our cousins moved in, one after the other. After them came five other people who only stayed briefly before moving out or dying, or both. Then my parents bought my house from the cousin who was left in it after his sister moved out. Now only four of us live there; that’s the smallest number for anyone who stayed there.

6. My Home Paragraph For Class 4

My house has five floors if you count the basement, although I never go down there because it smells musty and there are spiders. If you don’t count the basement, then my house is four stories high with a steep roof that seems to be slipping at any moment. It’s narrow and long, like a railroad car, and it looks like it because of its color and the shutters on every window. It still has old-fashioned clapboards that we have to hand nail on, and there is a telephone pole right in front of it, which my father hates. He says it’s too close for comfort, but I think it’s only about five feet from the sidewalk and most people don’t even notice it anymore as they are always walking so fast.


Every house is a comfortable place. It provides us with both safety and security. Wherever you visited and enjoyed, you missed your house.