My Personal Culture Essays & Paragraphs for Students

My culture is very important to me and my family. In this essay, I will tell you about my culture and what makes it special. I will talk about things like food, traditions, celebrations, and family.

Essay On My Culture And Tradition

Food from My Culture

One big part of my culture is the food. We eat lots of [culture’s cuisine]. Some foods we eat a lot are [dishes]. My favorite is [dish] because it tastes so good! When we have family parties or get-togethers, we always eat traditional foods from our culture. Cooking and eating together is a big part of spending time with my family.

Celebrations From My Culture

We celebrate many holidays and special days that are important in our culture. One big celebration we have is [cultural holiday]. During this time, we [traditions]. It is fun, and I love spending time with my extended family. Another celebration we have is [another cultural holiday]. We [traditions]. My favorite part of the celebrations is getting presents and candy!

Spending Time with Family

Family is very important in my culture. We see my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins a lot. Many weekends, we hang out, eat and play games. I like it when all the kids my age can play together. We feel close to our whole big family. My mom says that family is one of the best parts of our culture.


Some traditions we follow are passed down through generations in our culture. Every year on [date], we [tradition]. It is cool that we keep doing the same things my parents and grandparents did when they were children. Another tradition is that [tradition]. Following traditions connects me to my history and those who came before me in my family.

Learning about My Culture

At school, I am learning more about where my family comes from on maps. I am also taking [language] lessons to better communicate with relatives who do not speak English. Understanding my culture and heritage is important to me. I want to learn as much as possible to share it with others and keep the traditions alive for future generations in my family.


In conclusion, my culture plays a big role in my life and who I am. The food, celebrations, traditions and time spent with family are all special parts of my cultural identity. I feel proud of where I come from and look forward to passing on these important things I have learned to my children someday. My culture is what makes me me.

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