My Sister Is My Inspiration Essay & Paragraphs For Students

For this essay, I will tell you about someone who inspires me a lot – my big sister! Her name is [sister’s name], and she is [sister’s age]. She inspires me to try my best and follow my dreams.

Essay On My Sister is My Inspiration

Why She Inspires Me

My sister inspires me for a few reasons. First, she is so smart and gets great grades in school. She always does her homework right away and studies extra hard for tests. I want to be a good student just like her. Another reason is that she is athletic. She plays [sport] and is the captain of her team! Watching her at games makes me want to practice more and try out for a team. Finally, she is always very nice to me and our little brother. She helps us with homework answers and is so patient when we bug her. I hope to be as kind as she is someday.

Her Hard Work

My sister works very hard at everything she does. For example, when she did a school science project last year, she spent weeks researching and building a super cool volcano that erupted! I was amazed when she demonstrated it for our class. She also practices her [sport] for hours after school. Her coach says she is one of the best on the team because of her dedication. I want to show that same dedication in my activities to improve just like her.

Making Me Want to Try New Things

Because my sister tries so many fun things, it also makes me want to. Last summer, she took [activity] lessons, so I signed up, too. It was hard initially, but I kept practicing because I did not want to give up. Now I am getting better! She also plays the [instrument], and her solos at the school talent show were awesome. Watching her perform made me decide I wanted to learn an instrument this year. My sister helps me find cool new things I like by following her lead.

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Being a Good Role Model

I am lucky to have such an amazing role model for an older sister. She sets a great example for me by working hard in school, pursuing her passions, and being kind to others. Sometimes, when I face challenges, I think about what my sister would do in that situation. Knowing that she believes in me helps me believe in myself, too. She inspires me to chase my dreams and try my best, no matter what. I want to be a role model like she is one day.


In conclusion, my sister [sister’s name] inspires me daily through her dedication, work ethic, personality and caring nature. She motivates me to try new things outside my comfort zone. Having such a great role model sister helps me achieve my goals and pursue my dreams. I admire her so much and am blessed to have her as my inspiration in life.

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