My Sister’s Wedding Essay & Paragraphs for Students

Last month, my big sister Sarah got married! It was one of the most exciting days ever. In this essay, I am going to tell you all about her wedding and why it was so special. I will talk about everything from getting ready to the ceremony and reception. It definitely was a day I will never forget!

My Sister’s Big Day – Weeding Day

Getting Ready

The morning of the wedding was so fun but also a bit crazy. All the bridesmaids, including me, went to Sarah’s house to help her get ready. We did our hair and makeup, played music, and laughed a lot. I felt so grown up in my dress! Nevertheless, Sarah looked the most beautiful – her white dress was huge and puffy. We took tons of pictures before the ceremony. When it was time to leave, I was both nervous and excited about what was coming next.


We all piled into fancy cars and drove to the church. There were flowers and ribbons everywhere, making it feel magical. When the music started, I walked slowly down the aisle ahead of Sarah, trying not to trip in my high heels! When she came around the corner with our dad, I thought she looked like a real princess. The pastor talked for what seemed like forever, but it was actually really nice. Then Sarah and her new husband Jeremy kissed – yuck! However, everyone cheered so loudly.

The Reception

After pictures at the church, we went to a big party in a fancy hall. The DJ played fun music, and everyone danced, even some of the older people, which was funny. They cut the wedding cake too, which had about a million layers and was much too sweet! I sat at a special kid’s table with my cousins, and we had the best meal ever, way better than normal dinners. At the end of the night, Sarah and Jeremy left in a limo to go on their honeymoon, throwing flowers and rice everywhere as they drove off into the night. I hope they had an amazing trip!

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My Favorite Memories

If I had to pick, I think my three favorite parts of the wedding were,

1) dancing with all my girl cousins during one of the songs.

2) catching the flower bouquet that Sarah threw into the crowd (even though I am way too young to get married!).

3) giving a short speech at the reception about how much I love my big sister. Those moments really made the day super special for me.

Looking Back

Now that some time has passed since the wedding, I enjoy looking through the pictures with Sarah and reliving the magical day. She seems really happy with Jeremy, and I am glad they got their fairy tale wedding. Planning it must have been much work, but it turned out perfect. I hope that someday, maybe in 15 more years, I will get to have a big fancy wedding just like Sarah’s!


In conclusion, my sister Sarah’s wedding was definitely one of the best days ever. From getting ready to celebrate at the reception, the whole event was like something out of a movie. I feel lucky that I got to be a part of her special day and make so many wonderful memories. Her marriage is starting a new chapter, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Sarah and Jeremy!

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