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Dream Paragraph

A brief Paragraph About Dreams For Students


Dreams are reflected images of sleep, experiences of sounds and emotions. Some people believe in the reality of dreams and some do not . Although it is not possible to interpret a dream correctly, there is no way out without acknowledging its importance.

There is a tremendous and constant dimension in the human body and consciousness that we experience in the form of a dream, that is, there is a life in the waking state that is lived with the present body, another life which is a state of rebirth, that is, raw death. Or the temporary loss of consciousness and body that occurs after what we call a dream, the third life which is related to the future and which in religious terms is called life after death.

Difference between death and sleep

It is said that the difference between death and sleep is that in the state of death the soul separates from the whole body. While in the state of sleep, if the soul ever leaves the body, its connection with the mind remains. Wherever the soul goes in this world and what it does, it sees and hears. The brain is fully aware of this.

This information can be called a dream. In a dream, a person sees many things that he cannot see physically. Sometimes a person sees things happening in a dream. Some dreams are very clear and common sense and some are complicated. Which is interpreted by the intellect.

However, dreaming is a metaphysical problem that cannot be explained in a regular and positive way. Among the prophets, Hazart Yusuf (AS) was endowed with the ability to interpret dreams.

Different theories about dreams

There are different theories about dreams. According to the psychologist Freud, dreams are manifestations of man’s subconscious desires. Emotions that are secretly nurtured in man, the same thoughts are subconsciously seen in dreams while sleeping. But despite these theories, there are some dreams that are the result of these circumstances. And man sees in a dream things which are not even in his imagination.

Generation of dreams

Dreams are called hallucinations by some psychologists and scientists in the sleeping mind. Since the brain of a living being is present in all conditions (including waking and rapid movements of eyes and rapid movements of sleep).

Stays active at all times. And during the normal state of consciousness, the brain ignores the activity generated internally or externally in relation to the external senses, and thus in the state of consciousness (under normal circumstances) only.

Dream Example Paragraph

Last night i was studying the history of Islam, on Saturday next we were to be examined in that subject at about 11 pm.

I went to bed with dates and events ringing in my ears. I slept and dream that i was in the examination hall. The history paper was distributed. I was delighted to find that all the questions were those which i had done over and over again the previous night.

I did all the question with perfect satisfaction. When I had finished the paper, I come out of the hall quite happy.  Actually I was weak in the history my joy knew no bounds at this unexpected good luck. Outside that hall, the noise was so great that i was roused from my sleep. The vision disappeared and i was there on my bed with my history book by my side.

Conclusion line

The same images, sounds and emotions are evoked in the mind. Which are naturally present in the realm of reality and matter. And during sleep, the brain focuses on internally generated activity that can be thought to be a cause of nightmares, while at times, sleep deprivation, sensory disturbances, and certain medications can cause both external and internal disorders.

Seems to respond or react to activity which can be considered as a cause of sensory loss.

4+ Paragraphs On Topic Dreams

1#For HSC Students

Dreams are a great way to reflect upon your life, what you’re doing, and where you’re going. They can be a source of inspiration or a time for reflection. Dreams can also be a source of frustration if the dream feels too far out of reach. It can also be useful to create a record of your dreams in order to better understand your own psyche.

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It is important to remember that dreams are simply an interpretation of your innermost desires, thoughts, and feelings. They have no relation to reality at all. Dreams may be more like images from an internal movie reel which mixes fact with fiction and imagination with reality. Therefore, it is always important not to take them too literally or too seriously.

Another thing people sometimes do when they have a dream is to interpret it literally or try to use it as proof that their subconscious mind is working away on some kind of plan. However, this is typically just wishful thinking and should not be taken seriously by anyone.

2# – Dream school for class 5

Dream school is the place where your dreams can be realized. It’s the place where you can learn, meet new people and experience something new each day.

There are many benefits to attending a dream school. You will learn from experienced and knowledgeable teachers who are passionate about their field of study. You will be exposed to new ideas and concepts that will help you grow as an individual. You will make new friends who share your passion for learning and helping others. And, most importantly, you will be in an environment that encourages you to reach your full potential.

So, if you want to get ahead in life, go to a dream school!

3# – Dream House

Dream house is a metaphor for your ideal life. It represents the place where you are happiest and most comfortable. It represents the place where you feel most loved and accepted. Your dream house should reflect who you are as a person. It should be a place that feels like home for you, no matter how small or large it is. The size of your dream house does not matter as much as the feeling of belonging that you get from it.

You will know when you have found your ideal home if it brings a sense of calm and peace to you every time you walk through the door. If it brings joy to your heart every time you see it on your way to work or school, then this is your dream house.

It’s important to spend some time dreaming about what kind of space would be right for you. You might already have an idea in mind, or you might just want to think things over and take some time to explore different options. Whatever your reason, try to spend some time dreaming about what kind of home would be right for you. Dreams can help guide us in our search for the perfect place to call home!

4# – My dream of life

Dreams are the windows to our innermost hopes, desires and vulnerabilities. They are a way for us to reflect on our life and what we value. Dreams can be a source of inspiration and motivation. Deeply held dreams can be indicators of one’s deepest aspirations and aspirations that may not yet be realized.

There are many important things you should know about your dreams – but first, it’s important to know that they aren’t just a random collection of images rattling around in your brain.

Dreams are highly impressionable and they often contain key lessons to be learned from them. It is not just an extension of the mind that simply runs loose – but rather, it is the mind actively constructing experiences in a way that makes sense to its current environment.
Any change in any aspect of life can lead to a change in one’s dreams. But remember: these changes must be for the better – otherwise, you will soon be waking up with even poorer dreams than before.

4# – Dream and reality

Dream and reality are perhaps not so easily distinguished. Although the term “reality” is used to refer to what happens in the physical world, it can also be applied to things that happen in the mind or imagination. So, it’s possible to have a dream that has elements of reality.

In addition, it’s also possible to have an experience that seems very real but turns out to be an illusion. For instance, people may feel as if they are falling when they wake up but actually they are only dreaming.
There are also times when one experiences something that seems like a dream but is actually quite real.

For example, someone may feel like they are falling when they wake up, but really they’re just dreaming. Or someone may think they’re stuck in a place they don’t want to be, while in reality they’re just taking a nap. These situations can sometimes create confusion because we aren’t sure whether what we’re experiencing is real or not.

At other times, our experience may seem like a dream but turn out to be very real. For example, someone may have a lucid dream in which he or she is able to control the action and take control of the situation.