Write A Short Paragraph On Tourism For Students

Paragraph on Tourism: It is basically called a trip to visit different beautiful places in a country or aboard. A tour might be planned to visit with friends and family for the sake of fun, enjoyment, freshment and for getting knowledge.

Importance of tourism Paragraph

Read A Great Paragraph About Tourism | Importance Of Tourism

It is a social, economic and cultural phenomenon which entails the movement of people to countries, It’s anything but an action which will be perceived in both created countries and developing nation. Tourism is a tiring, expensive and a difficult thing and not everyone can afford it.

Tourism is consider as a luxury thing and only people of higher income can afford it and enjoy it but it is just a concept. Tourism is a trip for recreational, refreshing, refreshing, satisfying or scenic purposes. Traveling is a hobby of almost everyone. There are very few people who have no interest in travel at all. Tourism is not only a source of entertainment but also extremely beneficial for physical and mental health. Traveling gives us the opportunity to develop new foods, see new environments, and engage in brain-building activities such as listening and speaking different languages. Travel also keeps our hearts healthy.

Effects of tourism on a country:

Tourism has positive effect on country’s economy. It is a source of income generation and provide employment opportunities to the people. Tourism is the easiest and fastest way to earn foreign exchange. .It has positive effect on country’s economy include the growth and development of various industries.

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It is reality the Tourism contributes towards complete growth nation and development of a country. For many countries tourism is seen as a main instruments for regional development , as its stimulates new economic activities. Tourism is not only good for tourism and health, but also strengthens the local population and the country’s economy. People are provided with job opportunities.

Tourism gives people from different cultures and regions a chance to understand each other and different good things spread from one society to another.

There are different types of tourism such as sightseeing, historical tourism in which people visit archaeology etc.

Tourism source of Reducing stress:

Numerous surveys have shown that if a person with severe depression goes for a walk, their depression is reduced by more than 80%. Seeing new beautiful places, and meeting with new people reduce the ratio of depression among people’s. Exploring different places and experiencing new things reduces your fear. Experts say that the more you experiment and accept different challenges during your leisure time, the less fear you have and the more fearlessly you face other problems in life.

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Importance of Tourism:

Tourism enhances your creativity. Whether you are a poet, a writer, an artist or a photographer or any other creative work, sightseeing opens up new windows of your mind and improves your creativity.

If you are going to a strange place, especially in a new country that is completely different from your culture and traditions, then this tour will increase your ability to face difficulties and you will be able to logically deal with different problems and difficult situations Will be able to come up with solutions and you will enjoy the beautiful, charming and attractive scenery of nature that can make you fresh.

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