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The place where a variety of animals and birds are kept in an enclosed area and displayed to visitors is called a Zoo.

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Write A Paragraph on Zoo, Describe Importance, Advantages & disadvantages

The word Zoo means animals, it includes birds and all types of animals on the surface of earth. In scientific language zoo is termed as Zoological Garden or Park.

Paragraphs on Zoo,

In a Zoo specially those animals are found which are endangered, extinct species of animals are provided place to live and reproduce.

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All Zoological Gardens are places where trained officials and professionals are appointed to look after animals, they monitor and supervise animals regularly and feed them. Endangered animals get proper food and health care in a zoo.

Visiting Zoo one must learn a lesson that these beautiful animals also need to live freely, they also need proper food and shelter, we must not destroy their habitats so that they live and reproduce independently.

Importance of Animals

These animals are the beauty of our environment. Nature will become dull and boring if these animals become rare.

Many species of birds and animals have become extinct due to pollution and deforestation. Nowadays it is top priority of all Zoos to provide security and safety to endangered species so that they reproduce.

The governments try to ensure the safety of rare animals in a zoo, funds are given for the Zoo and animals kept in a zoo to save nature.

Someone has rightly said that “ It is never too late to protect the wildlife as their end is the end of human being”.

Advantages of a Zoo

The biggest advantage of Zoos is that zoo bring us closer to wildlife. All those who are unaware of the beauty of nature they realize that beauty of our environment is with these animals.

People interested to study animals, visit zoo to discover different behaviors of animals. A student of biology is blessed by visiting a zoo because help them in their studies and enable them understand what is taught about animals at school or college.

Zoo is a place of entertainment for children, kids enjoy watching land animals in Zoo and they get highly entertained.

It is observed that parents often take their kids to Zoo on holiday to entertain them. Animals are worth seeing, kids love seeing animals roaming in a zoo, it is very delightful to observe movements of animals and play with them.

All those who are interested to study the behavior of different animals, for them zoo is the best place because there different animals are displayed. Watching animals closely in a zoo fills us with thrill and excitement.

Zoos help save rare species of animals and birds. Animals get a guaranteed place for their security and safety.

Disadvantages of Zoo

There are some disadvantages of Zoos, some innocent animals are kept in a zoo to generate revenue and to get profits only.

Zoos are entirely unfair to the nature of animals because they live in captivity and become deprived of natural habitat. It is unfair to put animals into cages for the entertainment of humans.

As animals can’t communicate their anguish and sorrow, they are voiceless creature, it is injustice to put them into cages and earn from them. It is an inhumane activity to cage them and put them behind bars.

It become very difficult for some animals to survive in a zoo eventually they meet a silenced death.

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Though wild animals are in a state of captivity in a zoo, they hardly get free environment to enjoy and live happily.

On the other hand it is a safer place for endangered species, some animals are hunted or become subject of natural death due to human activities.

Zoos are made a breeding ground for animals, so that they reproduce and gift us with their offspring.

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