About Zebra Paragraph With Short Sentences For Class 1

Short and long sample paragraphs on zebra animals for students and children. This last paragraph is very useful for kids’ students.

Short 350 Words Paragraph On Zebra Animal For Students

The African zebra belongs to the horse family and is olive-brown with white and brownish stripes all over its body.

This animal has a small head and neck, and large eyes and ears. It also has long legs and slender hooves. Despite their thin legs, they can run up to 35 miles per hour in danger.

Another feature that sets this species apart from other zebras is their tail, which is longer than the head and neck combined. They seem like shy animals because they don’t approach easily when humans come near them, but when left alone for some time, they can become kind enough to eat carrots out of hand or take food by their proboscis.

On the other hand, zebras are often seen in large numbers in the meadows of southern Africa. They live in herds of 10 to 100 members, led by a single stallion who is supposed to protect his bitches from predators and other stallions alike. Although they cannot fly, they still have wings known as “ear flaps” that help them keep warm in winter.

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Zebras also have excellent senses of hearing and smell, which help them identify any dangers that are ahead of them. The stripes that cover their bodies serve many purposes, but one main purpose is camouflage. When they stand with their herd, it becomes extremely difficult for potential hunters like tigers to spot individual animals at first sight due to the different patterns on each zebra’s body.


Their population is declining because their black and white fur makes them easy targets for hunters. Aside from humans, the only predators they have are crocodiles, which also prey on young animals. However, the greatest threat to their very existence is habitat loss from deforestation and mining activities in Africa.

In addition, plant cultivation has displaced zebras from their natural grassland habitat, leaving them with no choice but to wander into urban areas where they may be killed by over-speeding vehicles. Since zebras are difficult to breed in captivity, scientists hope conservation efforts can help increase their numbers before they become completely extinct, even though they can fly through the air.