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Paragraph On Nature | Value, Importance & Role of Nature in Life

Nature is the beauty that we see all around in this world. The following short & Long Paragraphs on topic Nature has been written for children & students.

These Paragraphs are quite helpful for Ukg kids, Primary, High School & College Level Students.

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Nature is a kind off blessing for all living forms on the planet earth. Since the time immemorial men is in the lap of Nature which is next to mother to us. It is nature which nourish and nature us.

Paragraphs about Nature

All biotic and abiotic factors are known as nature. Specially the objects which are not artificial are the very essence of nature.

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Everything that exist around us is the part of nature including Air, Water, land, plants, trees and animals.

The physical form which is visible to our eyes is nature, all natural objects are the beauty of nature.

The Value of Nature

The lush green plants present striking scenic beauties to our eyes, it is a vivid fact that there had been no existence if there hadn’t been plants.

The air present in our environment is purified and filtered by these plants, trees are the lungs of earth. The concept of continuity of life is impossible without plants.

Human activities have destroyed natural environment, all those things which are untouched by human activities still gives scenic beauty to our eyes. It is very necessary to protect natural resources because these resources are our life.

The Importance of Nature

There is no substitute of natural elements, all natural objects are very useful to mankind. In old days people used to worship natural objects, nature should be worship, protected and preserved so that it nourish and nature is well.

The world is facing air and water pollution, all these issues are caused by deteriorating nature. All these problems are result of depletion of nature.

Global warming is the burning issue of the world, due to global warming the glaciers melts and excessive water reaches in water bodies which cause floods. Floods are destructive in nature, too much loss is caused by floods.

If there had not been forests there had not been life, if there had not been water whole land would had become barren, all natural elements are basic source of life on earth.

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How to Save Nature?

For material gain, we human have harmed and destroyed nature. If we will collectively take steps we will be able to save nature.

Let’s plant new trees and save trees to Save nature. We should cut down use of fossil fuels and stop polluting water bodies.

Nature itself teach us lesson of selfless sacrifice, struggle and persistence in life, let’s struggle to save our mother nature.


The beauty of our environment is with natural objects, high mountains, flowing rivers, gushing streams, beautiful valleys, singing birds, vast oceans, ceaseless blue sky, wonderful lush green trees and the heart touching moon nights.

The attractive look of full moon and change of seasons is worth appreciating roles of nature. The Nature is our mother.

Let’s protect our mother nature. Indeed nature is the precious gift of God, the beauty and importance of nature is matchless.

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