Read a Short Poem On Fruit With Explained Verses

A 4 stanza poem about the beauty and benefits of fruits, and how they are a gift from nature.

Fruit, nature’s gift so bright and sweet,
A bounty of health in every bite to eat.
From juicy oranges to tangy lemons,
There’s a flavor for all, in this basket of gems.

In every color and shape, a delight to see,
Nature’s artistry in every juicy berry.
The crisp apple, the plump peach, so ripe and divine,
Fruit is a feast for the senses, a perfect design.

Nature’s candy, a delight for all,
From children to adults, fruit is nature’s call.
A healthy snack, a sweet dessert, so versatile,
Fruit is a gift that is precious and indispensable.

So next time you crave a sweet treat,
Reach for a fruit, nature’s perfect treat!
Healthy and delicious, a bounty of love,
Fruit is nature’s gift, from heaven above.


The first stanza talks about the sweetness and the health benefits of fruits.

The second stanza talks about the different shapes, colors, and flavors of fruits.

The third stanza talks about the versatility of fruits, as they can be a snack, a dessert, and a healthy option.

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The fourth stanza talks about how reaching for a fruit is a perfect treat for a sweet craving, and it’s a gift from nature.

 FAQ: About Poem Fruit

What is the poem about?

The poem is about the beauty and benefits of fruits, and how they are a gift from nature.

Why is fruit a good option for a sweet treat?

Fruit is a good option for a sweet treat because it’s healthy and delicious, and it’s a natural source of sugar.

What makes fruit a gift from nature?

Fruit is a gift from nature because it’s a natural product that grows from the earth and provides us with many health benefits.