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For centuries, slavery has been an important part of several societies and economies around the world. Slavery existed in Africa, Europe, and America, and it is estimated that more than 12 million Africans were abducted from Africa by the slave trade and sent to work as slaves. Between 1501 and 1860, it is believed that around 10 million black men, women, and children were made slaves by European traders between 1501 and 1860.

The use of slavery began with the enslavement of prisoners of war, but quickly grew based on skin color as fairer-skinned people dominated positions such as overseers or merchants. Slaves could be bought, sold, or traded according to the wishes of their owners, which led to the division of families when they were sold separately from the slave owners. This resulted in disruption of family life, education, and self-sufficiency.

In some societies, such as the United States, slaves were required to perform heavy tasks under strict supervision from morning until night. In other cultures, such as those of ancient India and Rome, slavery was not as advanced but still required slaves to perform domestic chores, including cooking, cleaning, washing, and looking after children.

To maintain control over their slaves, many slave owners used fear tactics by using whips or branding irons on their skin to give them enough fear to obey.

Many others saw the need to psychologically separate themselves from the enslaved humans by calling them inferior beings who knew nothing of intelligence or human characteristics. Slaves were often hit hard by their masters if they did not perform their duties properly.

In modern times, slavery was made illegal under the United Nations Additional Convention on Slavery of 1956, which also established that forced labor is a crime against humanity. However, in Mauritania, despite the abolition of slave ownership in 1980, the practice of owning slaves still exists and it is estimated that 287,000 people are in serfdom. Of these, nearly 90% are black and around 10% are white, suggesting that racial discrimination and hatred were major factors in this sequel.


Slavery has been strongly condemned by many world organizations, such as the European Union, the International Labor Organization, and UNESCO, among others, all of which are contributing to its worldwide abolition.