Private Schools Are Better Than Public Schools Argumentative Essay

When it comes to deciding between private and public schools, there are different opinions. Some believe that private schools are better. In this essay, I will explain the reasons behind this.

Essay: Why Some People Think Private Schools Are Better Than Public Schools

Smaller Class Sizes

One reason people think private schools are better is because they usually have smaller classes. This means there are fewer students in each class. With fewer students, teachers can give more attention to each student. This can make it easier to learn and ask questions.

Quality of Teaching

Private schools often have good teachers. They can pay their teachers more money and give them better working conditions. This makes the teachers happier and more motivated to teach well. When teachers are happy, they can do a better job teaching students.


Private schools have more things to help students learn. They have nice buildings, computers, and programs for students to join. This can make school more interesting and fun. Students can learn in a better environment.

Higher Academic Standards

Private schools expect a lot from their students. They want students to do well in their studies. This can help students be ready for college. When students have high goals, they work hard and do their best.

Less Bullying

In private schools, there is not as much bullying. Students feel safe and happy at school. They can pay attention to learning without being scared of bullies. This makes it easier for them to do well in their schoolwork.

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More Parental Involvement

Parents are more involved in private schools. They help students with their homework and support them in their activities. When parents care, students do well in school.

However, private schools also have some problems. They can cost a lot of money, and not all families can afford them. Public schools are for everyone, but private schools can choose who to accept. They might not accept all students. This can be unfair.

Are Private Schools More Expensive Than Public Schools?

Yes, private schools can be more expensive than public schools. Families need to pay money to send their children to private schools. Public schools are free for everyone. Some people believe that the money spent on private schools is worth it because of the benefits they offer.

How Do Private Schools Differ from Public Schools in Terms of Curriculum and Teaching Methods?

Private schools may have different ways of teaching. They might have special classes or methods that they believe work better. Public schools usually have to follow a certain curriculum set by the government. Private schools can choose their own curriculum.


In conclusion, some people believe that private schools are better than public schools. They have smaller classes, good teachers, more resources, higher standards, less bullying, and more parental involvement. However, private schools can also be expensive and not accessible to everyone. Public schools are for everyone, and they have their own benefits. The choice between private and public schools depends on what is best for each student and family.

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