Boarding Schools Are Better Than Day School Argumentative Essay

When it comes to choosing between boarding schools and day schools, there are different opinions. Some people believe that boarding schools are better for children’s education. In this essay, we will look at the reasons behind this belief.

Boarding Schools Vs Day School | Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Boarding Schools

1. Learning to be Independent: Children in boarding schools learn to take care of themselves. They have to do things like manage their clothes and beds on their own. This makes them independent and able to solve problems by themselves.

2. Responsibility and Time Management: Students in boarding schools become responsible for their actions. They learn to manage their time for studying and other activities. This helps them become better at making decisions.

3. More Learning Opportunities: Boarding schools offer many chances for learning. Students can use the school’s resources like libraries, labs, and sports facilities. This helps them learn more than just what’s taught in class.

4. Better Facilities: Boarding schools have good facilities like libraries, labs, and sports places. These things help students learn and play better.

Advantages of Day Schools

1. Lower Cost: Day schools are not as expensive as boarding schools. Families only need to pay for the classes, not for staying and eating at the school.

2. Quick Help in Emergencies: Day schools can react quickly in emergencies. If something goes wrong, students can get help fast because they are at home.

3. Learning Discipline: Day schools teach students to be disciplined. They have less time for their work and their parents can help them stay on track.

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Disadvantages of Boarding Schools

1. Far from Family: Students in boarding schools are away from their families. They may feel lonely and miss their parents.

2. Lack of Parental Guidance: Students in boarding schools don’t have their parents with them. They might miss out on their parents’ advice and care.

3. Less Time with Family: Boarding school students spend less time with their families. They may miss out on important family moments.

Disadvantages of Day Schools

1. Less Time for Learning: Day school students have less time for learning. After classes, they might have to do chores or help their families.

2. Limited Learning Opportunities: Day schools may not have as many resources as boarding schools. Students might not have access to libraries or labs.

3. Missing Out on Social Skills: Day school students might miss out on learning social skills because they spend less time with other students.


In the end, both boarding schools and day schools have their good and bad sides. The choice between them depends on what a student and their family need. It’s important to think about the advantages and disadvantages before making a decision. What matters most is making sure that children get a good education and have the chance to grow and learn in the best way possible.

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