Sample Paternity Leave Email: A Comprehensive Guide

In the modern professional landscape, the importance of paternity leave has been recognized and embraced by numerous companies. Paternity leave allows new fathers to take time off to bond with their newborn or newly adopted child. This article focuses on how to write an effective and professional sample paternity leave email to your manager.

What is a Paternity Leave Email?

A paternity leave email is a formal communication to your manager, requesting time off from work due to the birth or adoption of your child. The email should be concise and clear, outlining the anticipated leave dates and your plan to manage tasks during your absence.

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Writing a paternity leave email involves a respectful tone, clear communication of your leave dates, and an assurance of work continuity during your absence. Here are five different examples that incorporate these elements:

  1. Basic Paternity Leave Email:

“Dear [Manager’s Name], I am excited to inform you about the expected arrival of my baby on [due date]. I would like to request paternity leave starting from [start date] to [end date]. I have planned for [colleague’s name] to take over my responsibilities during this period.”

  1. Paternity Leave Email for Adoptive Fathers:

“Dear [Supervisor’s Name], I am thrilled to share that we are about to adopt a child. I kindly request your approval for paternity leave, starting from [start date] and ending on [end date]. I have arranged for [colleague’s name] to cover my duties while I am away.”

  1. Paternity Leave Email for Premature Births:

“Dear [Manager’s Name], I am writing to inform you that my baby was born prematurely. Due to this unforeseen circumstance, I would like to start my paternity leave immediately. I have briefed [colleague’s name] to handle my tasks in the interim.”

  1. Extended Paternity Leave Email:

“Dear [Supervisor’s Name], I am writing to propose an extended paternity leave due to personal family reasons. I plan to return to work on [end date]. To ensure a smooth workflow, [colleague’s name] has agreed to take over my tasks.”

  1. Paternity Leave Email for Twins:

“Dear [Manager’s Name], I am delighted to announce the arrival of my twins. Due to the nature of multiple births, I request an extended paternity leave. I have coordinated with [colleague’s name] to manage my work during my absence.”

FAQs on Sample Paternity Leave Email to Manager

1. What should I include in my paternity leave email?

Your email should include the reason for your leave, specify the duration of your absence, and present a plan for your responsibilities during your leave.

2. How detailed should my paternity leave email be?

Your email should be concise, providing necessary information without any excessive details.

3. How can I ensure smooth workflow during my absence?

By planning and discussing with a colleague who can take over your tasks, you can ensure a smooth workflow during your leave.


Writing a precise and professional paternity leave email is an essential skill for new fathers in the corporate world. This guide offers you the tools to draft a well-planned email. Emphasizing on clear communication, respectful tone, and assurance of work continuity during your absence will ensure your success. The examples outlined here cater to a range of scenarios, providing you with a robust understanding of how to adapt your paternity leave email based on your personal circumstances.

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