Sick Leave Message for School | Written Examples & Guide

A sick leave message for school is a crucial communication tool used by students or their parents to inform the school about the student’s absence due to health-related issues. A well-crafted message ensures that the school is aware of the student’s situation, leading to appropriate adjustments in assignments and tests, and maintaining the student’s academic integrity.

What is a Sick Leave Message for School and Why is it Important?

A sick leave message for school is a formal note or email sent to the school administration or teachers, indicating a student’s inability to attend school due to illness. The necessity of such a message lies in its role in maintaining open and clear communication with the school, ensuring minimal disruption to the student’s academic progress, and securing necessary provisions such as extensions or make-up tests.

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Start with a Clear Statement

Your message should clearly state the student’s name, the duration of the leave, and the reason for absence due to illness.

Maintain a Formal Tone

Even though it’s a sick leave message for a school, professionalism is crucial. Use appropriate language and maintain a respectful tone.

Keep it Brief

A sick leave message doesn’t need to be lengthy. Keep it concise and focus on the essential details.

Real-Life Examples of Sick Leave Messages for School

  1. Example for Flu: Dear [Teacher’s Name/Principal’s Name], [Student’s Name] will be unable to attend school from [Start Date] to [End Date] due to contracting the flu.
  2. Example for Surgery: Dear [Teacher’s Name/Principal’s Name], [Student’s Name] requires a leave of absence from [Start Date] to [End Date] for a planned surgery and subsequent recovery period.
  3. Example for Mental Health Day: Dear [Teacher’s Name/Principal’s Name], [Student’s Name] will be absent on [Date] to focus on mental wellbeing.
  4. Example for Chronic Illness: Dear [Teacher’s Name/Principal’s Name], [Student’s Name] will not be able to attend school from [Start Date] to [End Date] due to a flare-up of a chronic illness.
  5. Example for COVID-19: Dear [Teacher’s Name/Principal’s Name], [Student’s Name] needs to self-isolate from [Start Date] to [End Date] due to testing positive for COVID-19.
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FAQs on Crafting a Sick Leave Message for School

Q1: Should the specific illness be mentioned in the sick leave message for school?

A: While not necessary, providing the nature of the illness can help the school understand the situation better, but only include details you’re comfortable sharing.

Q2: How soon should the sick leave message be sent to the school?

A: Ideally, as soon as you know the student will be absent due to illness. Prompt communication allows for smooth implementation of necessary accommodations.

Q3: Can the sick leave message for school be sent via email?

A: Yes, in most schools, it’s acceptable and often preferred to send sick leave messages via email. However, ensure to follow the specific protocols of your school.


Understanding how to write an effective sick leave message for school is vital for students and parents alike. This guide aims to help you craft a clear and professional message that respects the school’s procedures while ensuring the student’s academic needs are met during their absence. Remember, it is all about clear communication, respect for the school’s procedures, and prioritizing the student’s health and academic progress.

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