200 Words On Abortion With Introduction, Body And Conclusion

Abortion is controversial and divisive. There are reasonable arguments on both sides that deserve discussion.

200 words essay On Abortion


Abortion presents a moral dilemma. It pits the rights of the unborn against women’s autonomy. There are valid views on both sides, making it a nuanced issue with no easy answers.

Those against legal abortion argue life begins at conception. Abortion ends an innocent life. So abortion is morally wrong and should be legally limited.

Body Paragraphs

Those for abortion rights focus on women’s autonomy to make healthcare choices. They argue women, not the state, should control their reproductive options.

There are also practical considerations like women’s health, social effects and alternatives to reduce abortions. Reasonable people disagree on balancing these complex factors.

Abortion will likely stay divisive, with passionate advocates on both sides. The common ground could include reducing unintended pregnancy, supporting women’s health, and empowering new families. With compassion, respect and open talks, the goal should be balancing moral complexity with reality.

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Abortion is a slight issue with reasonable arguments on multiple sides. There are no easy answers, but we should seek compassionate solutions through respectful discussion. Protecting life and supporting women’s autonomy are both reasonable goals. We make progress by empowering women through access to healthcare and resources and by reducing unintended pregnancy through education and opportunity. An open and empathetic dialogue is critical. There we may find ethical common ground.

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