Leave Application for School | [Best Examples For Students]

When it comes to taking a long leave from school, proper communication is key. It is crucial to articulate your need for a prolonged absence to your school authorities in a way that is clear, respectful, and informative. That’s where a well-written long leave application for school comes into play.

Long Leave Application for School: What is it and Why is it Important?

A long leave application for school is a formal written request submitted by a student or their parent/guardian to the school administration, seeking permission for an extended absence from school. This could be due to various reasons, such as illness, family matters, or any personal circumstances that require the student’s attention over an extended period. The long leave application requires a detailed explanation about the cause and duration of the absence, as well as plans for catching up with missed academic work.

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Writing an effective long leave application for school entails a strategic approach. Here are four detailed examples, each catering to different scenarios, to guide you through the process.

Example – Long Medical Leave Application:

Subject: Application for Long Medical Leave.

Dear [Principal’s Name], I am writing to inform you that due to a medical condition, I am required to take a month-long leave of absence from school starting from [start date].

I have attached the doctor’s note for your reference.

Example – Long Family Event Leave Application:

Subject: Application for Extended Family Event Leave.

Dear [Principal’s Name], I kindly request an extended leave of two weeks starting from [start date] due to a significant family event taking place out of town.

I assure you that I will catch up with all missed work promptly upon my return.

Example – Long Personal Leave Application:

Subject: Application for Long Personal Leave.

Dear [Principal’s Name], Due to personal matters that require my immediate and undivided attention, I am compelled to request a leave of absence for the duration of [number of weeks/months].

Example – Long Travel Leave Application:

Subject: Application for Long Travel Leave. Dear [Principal’s Name], I am writing to request an extended leave of absence for travel purposes from [start date] to [end date]. I have discussed with my teachers and have a plan in place to ensure my academic work is not affected.

FAQs on Long Leave Application for School

What should be included in a long leave application for school?

The application should clearly state the reason for the long leave, the duration of the leave, and a plan on how the student intends to catch up with the academic work missed during the leave.

How far in advance should a long leave application be submitted?

Ideally, a long leave application should be submitted at least a month in advance, or as soon as the need for leave is known. This gives the school ample time to make necessary arrangements.

Can a school reject a long leave application?

Yes, a school can reject a long leave application if it is not convinced by the reasons given or if it could significantly disrupt the student’s academic progress.


Writing a comprehensive long leave application for school is an essential skill for students and parents alike. By providing detailed and accurate information, understanding the implications of long absences on academic progress, and demonstrating responsibility for making up missed work, you can craft a persuasive long leave application that meets the approval of school administrators.

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