My School Essay For Class 10 Students

I feel fortunate to study in the best school in our city. The name of my school is Oakridge Primary School. It is a place I love spending weekdays at, and it has given me many beautiful memories over the past few years. In this essay, I will share what makes my school so unique to me.

Essay On My School School

A Wonderful Campus

The campus of my school spreads over large green acres and is filled with trees, gardens, lawns and playgrounds. I love our huge ground with different sports fields where we get to play all kinds of games during recess. There are separate areas for activities like basketball, football, throwball etc. We also have a mini forest patch and vegetable patch where we learn about plants.

Our playground has the latest adventure play equipment like slides, seesaws and swings. Behind the main building, the meditation garden offers a quiet spot when I want to relax. I admire the beautiful building architecture and all the colorful rangoli drawings teachers make near the entrance on festivals. The lush environment makes coming to school very refreshing.

Excellent Facilities

My school focuses on providing top-class facilities and resources to help kids learn and grow. We have fully equipped computer, science and art labs where we regularly perform experiments and projects. Our well-stocked library is like my favorite place, filled with thousands of storybooks, research material and magazines.

The auditorium halls are used for hosting important functions, dance rehearsals and displaying our talents. We also have a hygienic kitchen that prepares nutritious mid-day meals. Clean drinking water coolers are present on all floors. The medical room helps us get first-aid timely in case of small injuries too. All these amenities make the learning experience very enjoyable.

Opportunities to Explore

My school believes in developing students through wide co-curricular exposure besides academics. We have many clubs and societies to suit various interests like coding, dance, music, arts, photography, and more. I am part of the Drama club, where we write scripts and perform plays for showcase events.

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Regular sports days allow us to try different sports from our physical education teachers. Our school shines in district-level competitions due to rigorous coaching. Special workshops on life-skills, swimming, and foreign language teaching broaden skills and knowledge. Trips are organized to historical places, adding to classroom lessons. It’s never boring here!

Caring Teachers

Most of all, I’m grateful for the loving teachers who have mentored me since nursery class. They ensure I pay full attention in lessons and clear all doubts patiently. Teachers go above in to encourage and motivate us every day. Be it academics or personal growth, I know I can rely on them for support and guidance.

Come rain or shine, they dedicate countless efforts to bring out the best in each child. I feel safe and secure during school hours due to friendly teacher supervision. Every special occasion like Independence Day or Teacher’s Day makes me appreciate their contribution more. Their kindness motivates me to study diligently and make them proud.

Memories to Cherish

In summary, my school will always hold precious significance for providing the best years of my learning phase. Be it fun activities with friends, wonderful teachers, or amazing opportunities, I will remember this time fondly. I am fortunate to be part of an institution that focuses on developing minds and skills, not just grades. My school will remain close to my heart forever.

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