My Trip To USA Essay For Children & Students

This summer, I got to go on the most amazing trip ever – a vacation to the United States of America! I have always wanted to visit, and it did not disappoint. In this essay, I am going to tell you all about the super fun things I did during my trip. Getting to explore a new country was such a cool experience.

My Trip to America Essay & Paragraphs For Students

New York City

Our first stop on the trip was New York City, which is one of the most well-known cities in the USA. We saw many famous landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building and Central Park. Riding in a taxi was also an adventure since the cars and roads were so different than home. I loved looking at all the huge skyscrapers, too. Moreover, we ate the best pizza ever! The city never slept, which was fascinating to see.

Hollywood Adventure

Next, we flew to California, where it was much warmer and sunnier than NYC. In Los Angeles, we toured a movie studio and saw how films are made, which was a total dream come true for me. I felt like a real celebrity walking around the sets. We also went to Universal Studios theme park and rode awesome rides like the rollercoasters and simulated movies. It was so cool to spot the Hollywood sign in the hills, too.

Beaches and BBQs

For the last part of our trip, we spent time in Miami, Florida. The beaches were beautiful, with the whitest sand and bluest water I have ever seen. I built the best sandcastles and swam with dolphins one day, which was hands down the coolest animal encounter ever! We ate barbecue and had s’mores around the campfire every night. I even tried Gator, which was… interesting!

Favorite Memories

If I had to choose, my top three favorite experiences were 1) visiting the Statue of Liberty, 2) riding rollercoasters at Universal Studios, and 3) swimming with dolphins in Florida. The whole trip was magic, but those moments really stood out. I am so glad I got to visit the USA and see it for myself!


In conclusion, my holiday to America was truly one I will remember forever. From big bustling cities to sunny beaches, everything felt so new and exciting. I loved being a tourist and getting to cross things off my travel bucket list. Even though it is far away, I now know the USA better after my amazing trip there this summer. I hope I can return someday.

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