Short Paragraph On Camel For Class 3 Students

Here is a paragraph on the camel animal. It is an informative paragraph written by our excellent writer for students, especially kids.

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Small Paragraph About Camel  The Ship Of Desert

The camel is a large mammal closely related to the llama and dromedary. They come in different colors, such as brown and white. It has one or two bumps and can weigh up to 1,600 pounds.

The camel stores water in its body fat, so it can go without water for days. Camels also eat thorny plants to get water from them. The camel is also called the ship of the desert.

Most camels can go without drinking water for eight days. A camel drinks about 80-120 gallons of water at a time. Then it will drink again 12 hours later. In hotter parts of the world, a camel can live on salty plants and not drink water for up to a month.

The camel is often used as part of a team of animals that pull carts or carry backpacks. They are very strong and hard workers. A camel also makes good meat and milk. Camel milk stays fresher longer than cow’s milk because it contains more fat.

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Camels can run very quickly, up to 40 miles per hour for a short time. They are better runners than horses. Because of this, they were used in wars in ancient times. These animals live to be around 50 years old or older. Overall, the camel is a strong, hard-working, and very useful animal that lives a long time.